Opinion on Humber College RN program

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    i'm sorry if this is already a thread, i looked but couldnt really find one

    I was just accepted to Humber College for bachelor of nursing degree. It is my first choice, and i am just about to accept. I wanted to get some opinions of nurses who have graduated from, or are attending humber college.
    What do you think of it? Is it really difficult? Did you get the placement you wanted?
    Anything that might be helpful would be GREAT

    thanks a bunch everyone!

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    Sorry, i'm new here and i dont know how to edit my post
    it is an RN program
    not rpn
    its the 4 year degree program!
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    Changed title to reflect RN not RPN

    Congrats and good luck in school
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    thank you!
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    I'm a Humber grad from the mid 1990s. Great school. Program was excellent, lots of interesting clinical placements and faculty was very approachable.

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    I didn't go to Humber, I went to Sheridan for the PN program, but a friend from Sheridan transferred to Humber's RN program, and she loves it. I've met a few Humber teachers as well, and they've all been very nice. During my consolodation, there was a group of Humber students on the floor once a week, and the teacher was awesome with them, always advocating for them and helping to get experiences for them.

    Good luck, and congrats on being accepted!
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    Congratulations. Humber/UNB has the best program everI graduated from the Humber/UNB RN program in 2007 and I thought it was great. I got the placement that I wanted and (I'm not sure about other nursing programs) we did extra time in clinical in May in our second and third year. I got a full-time job from my final placement before I even finished school. I found the program to be hard and i think that was because I had been out of school for five years. There was a lot of work, the simulation lab has really improved (or so I have heard) and the teachers (for the most part) were awesome. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer.
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    Thank you so much! I'll message if i have any more questions
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    Hi KateWindsor! I just received an offer from Humber BSCN program and I'm about to hit the BIG accept button myself, I AM SO EXCITED! Humber was my first choice and I'm so happy I got accepted!..and CONGRATS to you getting in, you must be excited just as I am! I heard so many good things about Humber that I'm not even intrested to go anywhere else for Nursing.
    Now I found myself having so many questions, I don't even know where to start. To my knowledge we have to take the CPR course and obtain a police record before September 2011? It looks like to obtain the police record there is a four month waiting period? I know this is silly, but have you done any off these since you accepted the offer? Should I just go to Humber and ask a million questions?
    Any advice is much appreciated and can't wait to actually meet you ON THE SITE! CONGRATS AGAIN!
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    OMG i feel like you're reading my mind!!!!
    I read about that police record, but i thought that was something the school obtained by themselves? I guess that was kinda thick of me :P I have nooo idea how we're to go about that!
    As for the CPR course, my cousin (who is also starting the RN program with us) has called and i know that Humber itself does offer the CPR program, i heard theres one held in may, every saturday or something liek that, its around $90 (don't hold me to it though, i'm hearing this through a secondary source)
    Yes, humber was also my first choice I accepted the offer a couple days after i recieved the acceptance. I was nervewrackign. I wish they'd give me some guidance as to what to do next, cause i havent heard anything. BUT i know, i should grow up and take charge haha. I'm happy i found someone to talk about it with

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