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Hi everyone, So I figured I should start this page as many of us who are applying to nursing program for Fall 2012 are going to get really anxious soon. I personally am applying to Second entry... Read More

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    Quote from vintagenurseandrea
    hey aN85..I live in Hamilton and it is AMAZING! it may not look like it, but you just need to know where to look! i could spend an entire day showing you all the amazing things about Hamilton! I also have not heard back from mo-mac. I emailed the admission coordinator and also told me the offers would be out by the end of last week...have not heard anything (already accepted the RPN program at Mohawk).
    Alright, thanks for your input on Hamilton. I am sure there are many great parts of Hamilton Oh ok. I guess I'm not the only one waiting on MoMac! Btw, congrats on accepting the RPN program! But if MoMac does accept you, are you going to accept it? I think I'll wait a week to call or email the admission office. I'll probably ask what the cut offs are too. Hopefully the cut offs didn't sky rocket to high 80's!

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    Im not sure if I will accept it...being an RN is my end goal..but I am married and have other goals in life...not sure if I can commit to 4 years of university right now..time wise or financially. Everyone is telling me to do it though...since its my goal. Even when im finished RPN my goal is to do the bridge anyway...I guess Ill wait and see if I even get into the RN program.

    I did Pre-Health at Mohawk 2 years ago and was 2 marks below the cut off so I didnt get in. So not sure if it would be any different this year or because I am a mature student...or they saw I got into RPN (which when I was in pre-health the admissions coordinator told me was way harder to get into than the RN program for some reason)....who knows. Hopefully we hear soon!!
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    So, one of my friends made an inquiry sometime last weekend and he said that the cut off for the MoMac program is low 80's. I think he said it was around 82-83%. But, offers were only handed out to high school students. Apparently the next batch of offers will be sent out by the end of this week. Hope this helps anyone who also applied to the MoMac stream!
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    Hi guys am new to this forum, i am Consilia
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    The admissions coordinator told me today that I did not have over 75% in one of my pre health classes so im not getting into momac. Whatever, Im happy with my RPN acceptance!

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