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Hello future nurses, I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August! For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience... Read More

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    That's extremely disappointing, I was REALLY looking forward to meeting everyone(had I gotten accepted)...and Vana, that's a great idea! We can all meet up once we get our emails? (Hopefully this week sometime) I'm going to double check with the nursing department and ask them if we will still hear by May 10th, since they cancelled the orientation I'm hoping they won't extend the date or something. I will post here as soon as I hear anything so I can give you guys a heads up!

    I have facebook, do you guys want the BCIT Nursing-August 2013 group to be created so we can all join and add eachother up or?..
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    That would be great!!! Once we know if we're accepted...
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    I agree! The Facebook group sounds like a great idea!!
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    Is everyone part of the regular "BCIT Nursing" group on Facebook? I could make a August 2013 class group unless someone else would like to do it
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    I'm making the group, "BCIT Nursing August 2013 Intake"
    Join it!!
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    That's awesome, thanks for making the group Vana, I will join it! And yes, I'm in the regular BCIT nursing group as well.
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    Hey Vana,

    Do you think you can post the link? Please? I tried searching it up on Facebook but I can't find it, lol.
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    Please note we request that links for Facebook are not posted on the main forums
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    I tried looking for it too...what's the name of the group?
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    Searching for "BCIT Nursing August 2013 Intake" on Facebook doesn't work.
    Vana_ maybe if you've created the group already, you can post a link in the regular "BCIT Nursing" group on Facebook?
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    sorry guys, I just posted it on the BCIT Nursing group
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    I just joined Aug 13 group.. Thanks Vana
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    Also I realized the group might only be searchable under BCIT Groups so if you manage to get onto the BCIT network and then search "BCIT Nursing August 2013 Intake" it should show up since not everyone had access to the BCIT Nursing group page if they were not granted an invite to the group