Athabasca Post LPN to RN - How long did it take you?

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    Hello, I have just enrolled in the Post LPN to RN degree at AU. I am in the process of having my prior post-secondary credits transferred. Yay!

    This goes out to anyone who has taken the program, known someone who has taken the program or currently enrolled:

    How long from start of Cluster A to graduation did it take to complete?


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    A friend just graduate this February. She started in 2004. She was held back nearly a year due to a shortage of places for the final clincal placement.

    She worked full time as an LPN and has no children (less distractions)
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    Hi Dana,

    I'm also taking the post LPN to RN at Athabasca. I've been in it since May, it takes a lot of dedication. I was wondering since I don't know anyone else whose taking the program if somehow we could stay in touch, for study questions sake. What courses are you currently taking?
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    I am doing cluster a and just applied to the LPN to RN officially... i am waiting to see if i have to do a philosphy course.. if not then i am going to do my last 2 nursing courses for cluster a then i am on to cluster b...

    I would love another person to chat with if anyone is interested..
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    oh i forgot to mention i am in ontario and still waiting for lpn license for alberta... (employers seem to be taking their sweet time for verification)
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    I'm seriously thinking about doing LPN to RN at Athabasca.

    If all of my previously earned university credits transfer I'll only have to do the nursing classes.

    Any idea how long the nursing classes take to complete? I'd like to finish up in 2 years or less.

    Any idea where in Calgary the clinical portions are held?
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    Hi trishrpn80, I am interested in getting in contact with you as I am interested in doing the rpn to rn with athabasca. How long do you expect to complete the program?Thanks!
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    Hi All,

    I am in B.C and looking at the program as well Nice to know a pod of us are all going through AU!
    I would love to keep in touch; I have not yet applied due to a general hesitancy I am having around the program.
    The more info I have the more informed decision I can make.

    Thanks in advance,

    Follow Your Bliss
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    The course length depends on your initiative and willpower to get theough.. Depending on the course load that u decide to undertake i am sure i can be done in a couple of yrs.. The hold up would be the availability for clinicals..
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    So true Trish. My friend's graduation was delayed nearly a year due to lack of spots. She was willing to travel anywhere in the province but it came down to number of students v. number of preceptors.

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