2nd Entry Nursing Applications for Sept. 2013 - U of T, York, McMaster

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    Hello all, Just starting a thread here for any applicants to the 2nd Entry Nursing Program for U of T, York, and Mac.

    People can:
    -ask questions and/or post when they have received an offer of admission or rejection
    -share their marks/volunteer experience
    -support each other during the super stressful waiting game
    -discuss application issues, essay questions, prerequisites, etc.

    There was one last year and I found it super helpful to see what others were doing, when offers were going out, and which candidates were selected. It's also a good reference for next year's potential applicants.

    For myself, I have applied to U of T, Mac, York, and Dalhousie, with an A- or 3.66 GPA overall and 3.63 in my last 30 credits (10 half courses or 5 whole courses). I do not hold a Bachelor degree, but am in 3rd year at York's Honours BA Psychology, and hold an Associate of Arts from Langara College in BC. I have several years experience volunteering for an inner-city after-school program, for a crisis intervention phone line, and with fundraising.
    Last year I was rejected from U of T with 3.53 in the last 30 credits, and only 2 years post-secondary. I had a C+ in one of my reported pre-requisites.

    Hope this helps everyone and best of luck to you all!!

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    I have also applied to the 2nd entry nursing programs at Western and York. This waiting period is definitely stressful ! Hoping for the best and good luck everyone !
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    wow are you serious that U of T rejected you for having a c+ in one preq? thats nuts! they say that you should have at least a c+ in the preq, I dont see why that affects your application!

    Anyways, good luck to you.

    I am applying just to York and I am super nervous because my 30 credits is a B+ and my overall is just a C+. I doubt ill get in!
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    Hey guys,

    I applied for Western only. I only aimed at Western so I am little concerned that I won't get in but my avg is in high 80s so I think I can get in! The only downside is that I am in second year. I called in earlier but since they don't have any preference for a degree holder and it's only based on marks...I am pretty sure I can get in..hopefully Anyone else applied for Western and want to share there stats?!
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    Does anyone know if acceptances have started to go out ?
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    No, I talked to an admission officer couple days ago & they start sending out early March! But I believe those are for people that have already completed all requirements? (I believe...)
    I am not sure how they deal with people like me (only in second year) who are going to complete requirements by the end of April. I think unless you have a really high mark, you would have to wait till May? not sure..
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    Hey everyone,

    I just got accepted to York's second-entry Nursing program on Feb 15th! I am so extremely excited. York was the only school that I applied to so I definitely put all my eggs in one basket- but hey, it worked! I have a 4 year honors degree in psychology and work experience as a behavioral therapist. I completed my philosophy, anatomy, and physiology prerequisites last semester at York and right now I am just doing a microbiology course.

    Did anyone else get accepted? I'd love to meet some new people by the time school starts!
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    yes i think i saw on some thread some pple had gotten acceptance on feb 15
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    anyone else gotten acceptance?i just checked my file online and it says "currently under consideration" dont know why the damn decision just cant be made.this wait is killing me.knowing others have already gotten in.
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    congratulations.i cant wait to hear a positive from them

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