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Hello! just wondering if anyone who took the exam last oct heard news when are they releasing the exam. It is almost 6 weeks and i'm getting nervous about the thing. :o sometimes i just try to forget it. :uhoh3:... Read More

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    hi ther guys,

    reading about your post here regarding the CRNE, well I am one of the filipino nurse who came to Saskatchewan, specifically Regina and was assigned in Regina General Hospital. I arrive last May and the health region put us in a 7 weeks orientation including the CRNE workshop for 3 days in SIAST, they paid for everything.

    we are well supported by our employers, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region. we were also provided with review materials for CRNE, the library bought many materials for all who will be taking the CRNE.

    Regarding the orientation, we are all in the buddy/shadow, mentoring program so everyone will be familiarize with the working condition in each unit until such time that you are confident enough to do it on your own. Each would be assessed after a month of buddy/shadowing, if you passed the assessment then you will be able to pass the probationary period.
    There are 2 hospitals here in Regina, the other one is Pasqua Hopsital and RGH.
    For all who will take the CRNE goodluck.
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    hi sknurse07,

    thanks for the informative post.

    if you have more to share..

    please post under the thread: any filipino nurse working for Apex Corporation-Agency for Pinoy Excellence?

    most nurses reading that thread are bound for SK..

    we will be glad to hear from you from time to time!

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    hi! i have some questions for you on the thread that you mentioned above..thanks in advance and God Bless
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    Quote from germaine06

    hi! i have some questions for you on the thread that you mentioned above..thanks in advance and God Bless
    already answered you question..:heartbeat
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    hi iam an English nurse whoo is comming to Canada to sit the exam in September in Vancouver although ian=m getting some help, can any of you lucky people who have passed give me some tips as to what to revise up on :bowingpur
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    I thought the exam was 8th Oct this year, that's the date CARNA has anyway!
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    I too thought it was Oct, Feb and Jun
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    thank you for the nfo.
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    It has been February, June and October for a great many years, and it is written on the same day in every city in the country where it's offered. Application deadlines are usually approximately three months before the scheduled exam date.
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    Hi well first of all well done all you lucky people who have passed. Well iam a international nurse who is sitting my exam in September can any one give me some tips as to what is in the exam and what to really fucus on iam a psychiatric nurse and am sitting it in Vancouver when i come over in Sept

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