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Our camp is merely a week long. The second day, we found 3 kids with lice! (how did they grow that fast?) One camper was obviously the carrier, she was super infested. Unfortunately she was super uncooperative, too, going to... Read More

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    Ulesfia lotion is brand name of 5% Benzyl alcohol lotion, RX required.

    AAP officials said in the report that no healthy child should be excluded from or miss school because of head lice, and “no-nit” policies for return to school should be abandoned.

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    Lice | American Camp Association

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    I'm neither a camp nurse or a school nurse, but wanted to add something to the discussion.

    I have had seizures since I was 13 months old and my first aneurysm ruptured. I have been essentially
    seizure-free for decades because I'm positively neurotic about taking my meds on time, getting enough
    sleep, not getting overheated etc.

    Two things will cause seizures to this day though. An elevated temp above about 38*C or having even a
    drop of the ingredients below come into contact with my skin. Just a drop!

    That would make me wary of automatically demanding that every kid MUST be treated with one such
    ingredient. The same ingredients are also present in the flea/tick/etc. tx for dogs and cats like Advantage,
    Frontline, etc.

    Main article: pediculicide
    Today, insecticides used for the treatment of head lice include organochlorines (lindane), organophosphates (malathion), carbamates (carbaryl), pyrethrins (pyrethrum), pyrethroids (permethrin, phenothrin, bio-allethrin), and spinosad (spinosyn A and spinosyn D).[11]
    The only agents approved by the FDA for treatment of pediculosis are lindane and malathion.[12]

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