Good camp nurse nicknames?

  1. I don't think my camp does the nickname thing, but I've been trying to think of what good medical-type name I would choose, if they do! I was thinking "Axilla", sounds cool like an adventure-type character, or maybe "Godzilla", and a good inside joke of a medical term that only us medical people will get!

    I also thought of Vasalva, but that might be a bit too much potty humor!
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  3. by   LuxCalidaNP
    hehehe, I like "Uncle Faruncle..." ewww
  4. by   CloudySue
    LOL! Good one! I think I'm going to have to dig out my Taber's and think of some more!
  5. by   teeniebert
    My camp name is Bert--I've had it nearly 20 years and don't want to change it. The best camp nurse name I've ever seen, though, was The Nurse. Capital T, Capital N. She was a straight shooter and never gave nor put up with any kind of...well, let's call it baloney.
  6. by   Alex Egan
    Nick names can only be can't choose your own. At my camp everyone's job is their last name. So I'm Alex Nurse. A counselor would be Joe CS (cabin specialist) ect. We have some cool nicknames for specific other people, inferno, tuna, cozy, and scooter, but they were given not chosen.
  7. by   Nurse.KenZ.
    A cute little 7 yo camper on her way to summer camp in Poconos for the first time met me in route from Hackensack, NJ where we picked up 150 of them and and read my self scribed "Ken RN". I was known to her as "Kenren" from there on all last summer.
  8. by   smurfynursey
    I worked at a camp in the summer of '09 where the cabins were actually old houses on a lake. My room was in the main house (where we ate meals and did indoor activities. Bats routinely came down the chimney in that building and there were a few occasions that one of the staff members and I hit the floor so we didn't have bats flying at our heads. I became batnurse for the summer, and in turn, my car became the batmobile. That house was also haunted at night but that is another story entirely...
  9. by   airwayguru
    I am not a nurse but I have been doing camp medicine for a long time. I have been called "DOC", "Med", and my favorite "USAR" (Urban Search and Rescue). Since I have multi certifications in FIRE/EMS/RESCUE I teach emrgency services to the kids and the gear that I carry with me.
  10. by   morrisyl
    When I agreed to be the camp nurse at a cub scout/boy scout camp in 2009, the camp director encouraged me to come up with a character name that would be fitting for the "pirate" theme that year. I decided on "Nurse Bones" and was introduced to the staff. The name stuck and I have been Nurse Bones every summer since then.
  11. by   bargraphix
    In my camp one of the staff members called the infirmary the infirmatory.
    so we called ourselves infirmarologists
  12. by   CampNurse1
    I was hoping for "Magnificent Fighting Stud." The nickname the staff gave me was "Papa Joe." We don't get to choose them, lol.
  13. by   Sugarcoma
    Quote from Nurse.KenZ.
    . I was known to her as "Kenren" from there on all last summer.
    Cutest story ever!
  14. by   NutmeggeRN
    My camp name was "Sister Blister"

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