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hi everyone! Who else has applied and does anyone know by when will they start to contact us for interviews? This would be my last chance to get into a new grad program, otherwise I would have to... Read More

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    Hi everyone! I applied for the CCU and CV DOU
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    does anyone remember the list of units that were options? I cannot find it on their website unless I am missing it!
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    Here is the list from their email

    Tele, CV DOU, Med/Surg, Peri OP, L&D, NICU, Maternity, CCU, Emergency, and Ortho.
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    I applied for NICU and med/surg
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    how long were all your answers for the questionnaire? I know she said they are not looking for long answers and want them to be succinct yet thoughtful. mine are between 100-150 words per response. I'm worried they may be too long! Thanks
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    gastro2012, My answers for the questionnaire were about the same as yours (100-150 words).
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    I am still waiting for the questionnaire. Anyone else in this boat?
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    Also, I just checked on my job profile and the status hasn't changed at all. I thought things are supposed to change and be highlighted in yellow? Has anyone's status changed to yellow? Thank you.
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    Mine isn't yellow and hasn't changed either and I've already submitted the questionnaire
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    I just checked...and the color of my application status hasn't changed either.
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    The original email sent last tuesday said the questionnaire would probably be sent out a week apart, so I assume the next wave will be sent out today. They questions are posted earlier in the thread if you want to get a head start on them though.

    Also kind of a stupid question, but anyone know if CCU is critical care unit or coronary care unit? I've encountered both used at different hospitals and want to make sure! Thanks
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    The CCU is a Critical Care Unit at White