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Hello to all prospective UCLA Nurses! My name is Matthew and I'm a CSU Long Beach alumnus. I'm currently working as a Super User RN for the UCLA Health System. I hope this thread will be able to... Read More

  1. by   HopefulNewGrad13
    Quote from MKDoodle
    Hey HopefulNewGrad13, I haven't heard anything either!! I am trying to be as patient as possible lol. Do you know how many they are hiring for this unit??
    Hi MKDoodle,
    I have no idea how many they're hiring for the unit nor how many of us interviewed. I hope you and I become co-workers!

    The anticipation is killing me! Let's keep each other updated on any news! Thanks!
  2. by   solaress
    Has anyone interviewed for Intermediate Care Unit in Santa Monica? Have you all heard anything?
  3. by   Nurse Danielle
    I interviewed with Intermedicate Care too and haven't heard anything yet. I spoke with the nurse recruiter last week because I got another job offer. She said that the director was starting to go through the candidates last Thursday/Friday....so hopefully they should be getting back to us about the second interview soon.
  4. by   solaress
    @nurse danielle. Okay great! Thanks for letting me know. Yea I interviewed for another position out of state and that looks promising. So hopefully we hear back soon.
  5. by   Nurse Danielle
    @solaress. They are calling to schedule panel interviews with the unit. They won't give you much advance notice either. Good luck!!
  6. by   solaress
    @nurse danielle Yes I got a call yesterday for today @ 3! Did you go to yours already?
  7. by   Nurse Danielle
    @Solaress. I had my interview at 4:30. Good luck!!
  8. by   solaress
    @nurse danielle
    Nice! Hopefully we get a call! Do you know if there is a third interview?? Or if you got more information?
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  9. by   solaress
    @nurse danielle
    Nice! Hopefully we get a call! Do you know if there is a third interview?? Or if you got more information?
  10. by   Nurse Danielle
    I don't think there are any additional interviews. They will be making their decision within the next week and they weren't sure how many new grads they wouldbe hiring. There isn't a start date yet, but the director said that it should probably start this month.
  11. by   solaress
    @nursedanielle. Oh really ok I didn't meet the director she wasnt there when I was there. I emailed my thank you letter and got a response that the director and CNS wanted another interview to confirm??? Weird right?? The lady that called to schedule the interview said they were taking on 4 people. Hopefully we get good news!
  12. by   SnappyApple
    Has anyone heard back from their units yet? I heard NICU and MICU have made decisions.
  13. by   Newbie, RN
    Manager from 8ICU called last Friday to say that she was still considering me and needed more time. She said she would make a final decision this week. It's Friday so I'm guessing that means today... Fingers are (still) crossed. She mentioned to me last week that start date could be pushed back to June or July. But somebody else said this month, so maybe that's changed?!?
    Good luck everybody!