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I have an interview today with St. Joseph's providence hospital in burbank, ca. I have never been to this hospital and was wondering if anyone could tell me how the hospital is and if it was a good environment to work in. ... Read More

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    Yes, Congrats to you too So glad we both made it in, are hard work has paid off. Thanks, I was pretty sure he said emails this week. I was in a daze of excitement when he called.

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    Did anyone else apply to the L&D one that was posted last week?

    Congrats to those who got offers for other units!
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    I actually applied to the Mother Baby position. I just got a call asking prelim questions. I withdrew my application as I have already been accepted in the New Grad program. Best of luck to everyone who have applied.
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    Hey five10fevr, have you received an email yet with instructions? I was just wondering because I haven't and i remember her saying that today we would receive an email...although there are still a few hours left in the day
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    No email as of yet, I hope if not today we will get tomorrow moring. I am anxious to receive everything.
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    This is kind of a random question, but I noticed you said you used to work at one of the other Providence hospitals, and i was wondering if there are assigned uniforms for nurses/staff/etc, or if everyone wore their own scrubs...thanks :-)
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    At PHCMC, they wear random scrubs. I want to know if PSJMC is the same regarding scrubs. I need new scrubs desperately but was going to wait until we go in to get our id badge and pick up our training schedule ect... Any email today? Nothing on my end.
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    Yeah I need new scrubs too, probably best to wait though like you email here either, I think at the end of the day tomorrow if still no email im going to give them a call...
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    Hope we will know in plenty of time before our first shift, but we can always start looking online
    Yes, I was planning on calling tomorrow too if we didn't hear anything.
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    Just curious about your the resume you used when you applied... did you guys have any clinical/medical experience at all? Do you have your ADN or BSN?

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