SCRIPPS New Grad Program August 2012

  1. Hey all!

    I wanted to start this thread for those of us that applied to Scripps New Grad Program for August 2012.

    I uploaded my app and finished the Talentmine appraisal on Monday, May 14, at 2 pm. I hear that the first 500 apps (the limit that they will consider) tend to be uploaded on the first day. I am checking every couple of hours to see if my app status has been changed from: "Application Received" to: "Application Under Review". Nothing yet, (22 hours later). Those who applied on Nov. 7 2011, heard within 10 days if they were scheduled for an interview.

    Let's keep each other posted, okay? Let us know if you are:

    1) An "internal" or "external" candidate,
    2) Any experience as a CNA or NA
    3) Age
    4) BSN or ADN and when you graduate(d)
    5) School and GPA (if comfortable)
    6) Local or from out of San Diego
    7) Talentmine Category breakdown by percentages (If you saved/printed that screen with the Pie Chart out)
    8) If you received an email for an interview

    This will help us figure out what Scripps is looking for.

    About me:

    External Candidate
    CNA since 2005, Started at Sharp in Oct, 2011
    50 yrs old
    BSN-Spring 2012
    Azusa Pacific University, GPA: 3.8
    Live in San Diego
    TalentMine scores:
    Motivation: 14% Interaction: 32% Cognition: 28% Execution: 26%

    Good luck to all of us!
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  4. by   ~Kris10~
    thanks for starting this thread, i applied on monday morning and have constantly been checking the status of the application as well . here are my details!

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]1) external candidate
    2) no healthcare related work experience besides clinical
    3) 24
    4) bsn may 2012
    5) arizona state university
    6) arizona
    7) i don't know how to go back and look at the talentmine scores
    8) no email for interview yet!
  5. by   AlliCat23
    Hey Kris10,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to go back and look at the Talentmine scores, Interpretation, or Develop Your Strengths sections. I just happened to print them out, 'cuz I thought I might add them to my Portfolio.

    If you don't mind (and have the time) leave us a message when you do receive the interview email. See? I'm already thinking positive thoughts for you!
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Moved to the California Nurses forum for more responses.
  7. by   illsince83
    1) External candidate but referred by someone who works in HR and a med/surg charge nurse working in Scripps
    2) Worked in Nursing Administration as a Nurse Staffer for 2 years and as a Lift Team member
    3) 28
    4) Master's Degree in Nursing 12/17/11
    5) Samuel Merritt University
    6) Northern California
    7) I forgot mine
    8) Nothing yet
  8. by   Coriander
    Hello! I was wondering when a Scripps posting would pop up. I applied Monday the 14th at about 10:30 a.m.

    1) External - 2 clinical rotations at Scripps
    2) NA since March of last year
    3) 37
    4) BSN, May 2012
    5) San Diego State University, and I think my GPA is around 3.3
    6) Local!!!!
    7) Talentmine - I didn't print this out.
    8) No email yet.
  9. by   Coriander
    We have just learned through one of the managers at Scripps that they had 500 applications already by noontime.

    Keep your fingers crossed.
  10. by   ~Kris10~
    Yesterday noontime or today?
  11. by   Coriander
    The first day the application was up, on Monday.
  12. by   ~Kris10~
    ahhh that scares me. I started my application around 10 but don't think I submitted it until after 12.
  13. by   b_RN
    So weird, I was able to finish my submission after midnight.
  14. by   Coriander
    Let's see how it goes. Even though it was a manager, there is no way of absolutely knowing.
  15. by   Britt7
    I'll play while we wait...

    1) External
    2) No paid experience
    3) 25
    4) BSN December 2011
    5) NKU 3.92
    6) Southern Orange that close enough?
    7) I forget the breakdown exactly but it seemed fairly even across the board. Lol hopefully that doesn't mean I don't have the strengths they are looking for
    8) No interview emails....I submitted the application on Monday late morning but I don't know if it was before noon! Hopefully they will consider the first 500 qualified applicants (like meeting the requirement of graduating within the last year or have taken a refresher, etc)