San Diego UCSD July new grad RN program

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    I recently applied and sent my questionnaire back for the UCSD new grad program for July 2010. Has anyone done the same and heard back from them? I noticed they took off the job posting already.

    Any info/tips/news/advice regarding the program and or the interview process? Thanks and good luck to all of us new grads :] (especially ones (like me) who graduated last year in may 2009 and are still looking for a job :[ )

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    i applied, too. but haven't heard anything yet.

    any tips would be greatly appreciated! anyone know how many openings are available?
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    I got an email with a questionnaire attached. They told me to email back the questionnaire. then, they will determine if you are selected to be continued.
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    Yep, same here. Still waiting....
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    me too...still waiting
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    me three....
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    From an internal employee I was told they closed the application period early because there were so many ppl applying. I believe she said it was 1100 ppl or more and HR told her when she inquired for me that they only had 10 slots available. The employee isn't a nurse so when I talked with her recently she was shocked that there aren't any positions for us. After I received the email to submit my questionaire that was the last time I heard anything.
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    Thanks for the info. 10 out of 1100+ doesn't sound very promising :[
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    well lets cross our fingers... I'm hearing the 1500-2000 range for all the programs. I guess we are competing with probably 3 -4 semesters of new grads... Oh well, I hope one of us gets a call back.

    Do all of you currently live in SD?
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    I have not heard anything either. But I didn't get a questionnaire. Did you get it immediately after applying?

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