San Diego UCSD July new grad RN program

  1. 0 I recently applied and sent my questionnaire back for the UCSD new grad program for July 2010. Has anyone done the same and heard back from them? I noticed they took off the job posting already.

    Any info/tips/news/advice regarding the program and or the interview process? Thanks and good luck to all of us new grads :] (especially ones (like me) who graduated last year in may 2009 and are still looking for a job :[ )
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    i applied, too. but haven't heard anything yet.

    any tips would be greatly appreciated! anyone know how many openings are available?
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    I got an email with a questionnaire attached. They told me to email back the questionnaire. then, they will determine if you are selected to be continued.
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    Yep, same here. Still waiting....
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    me too...still waiting
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    me three....
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    From an internal employee I was told they closed the application period early because there were so many ppl applying. I believe she said it was 1100 ppl or more and HR told her when she inquired for me that they only had 10 slots available. The employee isn't a nurse so when I talked with her recently she was shocked that there aren't any positions for us. After I received the email to submit my questionaire that was the last time I heard anything.
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    Thanks for the info. 10 out of 1100+ doesn't sound very promising :[
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    well lets cross our fingers... I'm hearing the 1500-2000 range for all the programs. I guess we are competing with probably 3 -4 semesters of new grads... Oh well, I hope one of us gets a call back.

    Do all of you currently live in SD?
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    I have not heard anything either. But I didn't get a questionnaire. Did you get it immediately after applying?
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    Quote from Paulie07
    I have not heard anything either. But I didn't get a questionnaire. Did you get it immediately after applying?
    I got my questionnaire about 2 days after I submitted my app, and I applied the first day of the posting.
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    Keep us posted guys if you hear anything from UCSD HR,thanks
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    I just received an email earlier today... hope it's a good sign=) have any of you guys heard anything???

    "Congratulations! It is a pleasure to inform you that after careful review of all the qualified candidates, your resume was selected to go forward to the Hillcrest Med Surg Tele department for consideration. The hiring manager will determine who will be interviewed based on the qualifications that each candidate possesses. The department will set up interviews once their selection process has been finalized.

    If you should have any questions regarding the selection process, feel free to contact me at 619-543-7585. Please continue to search our website for any other positions that may be of interest to you; employment opportunities are posted regularly on our web site at

    I would like to thank you for your time and interest in UCSD Medical Center and I wish you the best of luck in this phase of our hiring process.


    Healthcare Recruiter
    UCSD Medical Center, Human Resources

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