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I haven't found a thread for this yet, so I figured I would start one! I am applying in August, after I have my grades from my summer courses. I was wondering what stats other applicants have as... Read More

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    Hi BrandieRN2014

    I'm still waiting to hear back too. I'd assume they would send us an email whether we got in or not, but at this point who knows. Things seemed to go much more smoothly for the June San Mateo cohort as all the applicants received a mass email at one time. I was hoping the Oakland cohort would be notified the same way. My STATS are:

    Last 60 units: 3.9
    Science Prerequisites: 4.0
    TEAS: 92.0%
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    Good luck LolaBean! I heard there were about 50 spots. Keep me updated!!!
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    Usually they the ones that are not accepted are notified 4 to 5 days after the selection procedure, at least thats what I heard.
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    Waitlisted 03/21.
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    What number are you on the waitlist? From past cohorts, it looks like waitlisters have a good chance on getting in! Don't give up hope!!
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    BrandieRN2014 - what number are you on the wait list? I do hope you get in - we know a slot already came open yesterday as Shyloh declined his offer (accepted ELMSN offer with SMU). Keep in mind folks apply at multiple schools and/or change their minds about the program and decline their spots. Stay positive girl! We're all cheering for those accepted and those still waiting/wait listed!
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    I'm 03/21.
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    I read 03/21 as a date. If you are #3, I think you have a great shot!
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    Hey Brandie, are you #3? If so, I think you will get in!!
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    They also waitlisted me as number 3 out of 21. I guess at least we're both somewhere near the top.
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    LolaBean - strange. I just hate that this means more waiting. My friend said that SMU is known for getting a lot of their waitlisters in. Good luck Lola!!!
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    Yes. I was told that I am wait listed as 03 out of 21. But apparently so was LolaBean. Lol
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    I've heard the same thing. Hopefully we both get in