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Hi everyone, I currently go to Mt. Sac at the moment and will finish all my ADN pre-requistes for Rio Hondo this summer. As for the selection criteria they use overall, I feel that my application... Read More

  1. by   willowita
    I just called and I didn't get in either. I'm actually okay with it since I have 6 other schools I applied to. I know Rio Hondo factored other things into the mix like licenses and extras I didn't qualify for so I didn't have my hopes too high.

    Congrats to everyone who made it in! And to those that didn't, we still have other schools to hear from and a lifetime to pursue our dreams! Good luck to everyone out there.
  2. by   SquishyRN
    Does anyone know how many students they accept for the LVN-RN program?
  3. by   NurseDalee
    @SquishyLVN I was told earlier in the year that RHC usually accepts 20-24 LVN's a year, not sure of this years numbers though. Did you apply for the 2012 Fall term?
  4. by   NurseDalee
    @MPETRIDES1984 and vadon: Congrats to you! Will you be in the Generic ADN or LVN-RN program?
  5. by   NurseDalee
    @vbeck36: Thank you! I hope you are selected also. It sounds like you had a good profile to submit. I am also a Veteran. Good luck!
  6. by   SquishyRN
    Quote from NurseDalee
    @SquishyLVN I was told earlier in the year that RHC usually accepts 20-24 LVN's a year, not sure of this years numbers though. Did you apply for the 2012 Fall term?
    Yes, I did apply for the Fall 2012 term and already received my acceptance letter. I only applied to RHC and Citrus College. Well, I'm on the waiting list at Mt SAC also, but since their waiting list is about 2 years long, I wasn't seriously thinking I'd end up there since I figured I would be competitive in points at both RHC and Citrus. Acceptance letters won't go out for Citrus until at least after April 13, but between the two, I'm leaning more towards RHC. Citrus is a lot closer to where I work, but RHC has a larger, more established program. So most likely I'll be one of your classmates this summer NurseDalee =)
  7. by   lawrencencandy

    I have submitted all the forms and application for 2012 LVN-RN program before March 1st but I am a little bit confused if turning my application for the program will automatically give me permit to register for the class ADN 75 or I have to wait for a letter first from nursing dept if i am eligible to take the class or sign up for the class when i turned all my applications before March 1st. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.
  8. by   LarryZ
    i was also accepted, congrats to those who did; and for those who didn't keep your heads up and try and try again.
  9. by   fionas32
    Hello Everyone! I Just received my acceptance letter to RHC too!!! Im so excited and can't wait to start and become a Does anybody else need to take the TEAS test? I have my appointment for it in two weeks. I'm really nervous about that, I feel I need more time but not too worried because it will all fall into place. Any helpful tips for me regarding the TEAS? Congratulations to everyone that got in!!!!
  10. by   LarryZ
    Congrats Mz. Solo, I too am scheduled to take the TEAS test, mine is set for April 10th. If you look at this link Practice Teas Test (the second post by Chi1) it breaks down the TEAS test pretty nice. That and use google to search for TEAS practice questions, good luck.
  11. by   vadon
    Thank you. I will be in ADN program.
  12. by   MPETRIDES1984
    I applied for the generic ADN. I am still not sure if i will be attending though. I applied to 25 schools, so im hoping to get into one that doesnt require summer school!!!
  13. by   smooshcrickets
    Hi Mz. Solo, congrats to you and everyone else that got in to RHC! I also got accepted and am scheduled to take the TEAS on April 12th. I got the McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS practice tests book off of Amazon that I'm going to start working on this week. I heard that taking practice tests is the best way to study.

    A co-worker of mine is currently attending Citrus College's ADN program and he said there was a good amount of science questions.

    So excited to meet the rest of you and work on getting our RN licenses finally!