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Wondering who else out there applied to the Palomar new grad program in San Diego? The application went up at 7 this morning, and I just checked at 11:45 AM and its already disappeared. Good luck to those applying. Lets comment... Read More

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    I am also on Tuesday in the morning! So maybe it's just Tuesday...?

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    Or maybe they just sent Tuesday out today.
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    If I get a magic email I'll let y'all know.
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    Quote from Coriander
    If I get a magic email I'll let y'all know.
    in the puddle here, no magic email. Good luck to the snowballs who made it to an interview!
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    No email today. It looks like our lucky snowballs will be thrilling us with stories in the near future!
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    HI. ExPharmaGirl and everyone else here, who is an CCE or CCE alumni?
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    I'm not. My only connection to Palomar is that I did some clinicals there.
    Are you?
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    Im so sorry SDNurse2011 and Coriander
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    Hi fellow New Grad RNs!! Looks like I may be seeing some of you on Tuesday Does anyone know if this will be a Group Interview? I know most nursing interviews are individual, but group ones aren't unheard of either. I was a little perplexed when the email said one hour with 7 other applicants. Wasn't sure if it'll be a group interview, whether we'll each separately be interviewed by several different interviewers at the same time, or if it'll take about an hour to interview all 8 people. If anybody knows anything, please let us know. Thanks!!
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    Palomar did rotating a rotating interview for the new grad/intern program last year (which was for current senior students). About 6 or so people rotated through stations with many different interviewers. Each station was about 2 min if I remember correctly. It may end up being like that.

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