New Grad facing unique issue

  1. I finished school december 08, got CA license on June 09. Been looking around for new grad program around inland empire/OC/LA area but no luck. I'm still BLS cert'd and going to get my ACLS next week. Hopefully it will increase my chance at landing a job.

    About getting started at LTC or SNF, I tried 4 different facilities around my area but still no luck. I have been working as patient care tech at a major teaching hospital in the area for over 2 yrs now but most facilities (hospitals and SNFs) don't count it as experience. I missed out my workplace's new grad hiring session because I hadn't get my license at the time, so i'm out of luck.

    One thing that bugged the crap out of me right now is the statement from the recruiter from one of the hospitals I tried to apply. Lemme give you some background. Got my license in june and been applying everywhere since then. This hospital was one of the first batch of hospital I applied for a position. They always have listing for CCU and ED, but my apps weren't selected. I thought "no biggie, they probably want experience".....One of my co-workers, who happened to graduated this past may from the same school I went, told me that she applied at that same hospital AND already got a scheduled interview. she said that hospital is starting their new grad program and opening up a bunch of openings on various floor.

    So, I applied for few more positions on their website before going for my lunch. when I get back from lunch, all of my apps status changed to "not selected". The past few apps that I tried at that hospital usually take few days to a week before the status being updated. this time they just straight up trash out my apps. I emailed the hospital's recruiter about this issue and she called me the next morning.

    this is what she said (to sum it up),"Our hospital new grad program are available for those that graduated within may/june of this year. based on your resume, you did not qualify for our new grad program because you graduated on december of last year"

    I was like ***???? what is the difference between new grad from may/june and new grad from december of previous year? I took a time off to spend time with my family before getting my license and didn't even bother to use my IP. So, technically I am a new grad because I never use my RN license to get a job.

    I told this encounter to some of the RNs I work with. They said that's ridiculous. One of them even said it look like discrimination.

    So here are my question? what do you think of this situation? If any nursing recruiter happened to read this thread, is this a normal practice/policy in hiring new grad? if it does, what would new grads that have similar situation like me can do to land a job? I'm pretty sure there are some new grads out here who didn't/can't get licensure for whatever reason.

    Although this issue is bugging me, I still keep my eyes open for other positions at other hospitals around my area. I just feel like to let out this one and hopefully I can get some helpful feedback and suggestions out of this forum.
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  3. by   starzburst
    Is it a CHW organization? Because I applied to Tele and CCU and I got "Not Selected" for CCU the next day and I graduated in March and got licensed in May. If they are only interviewing people who just graduated, that really sucks. I don't really understand their rationale for that.
  4. by   llg
    I cannot speak for that particular employer, but they may be thinking that you have lost some of your knowledge/skills during the time that you too off to be with your family. They may feel that the more recent grads are "fresher" in their skills and will transition to staff nurse role more easily because of not taking any time off.

    Also ... they may be wonderng WHY you have a gap in your nursing experience. They may suspect that you failed the NCLEX the first time you took it -- or that you purposely delayed taking it because you were struggling to feel prepared. That may be creating some doubt in their minds as to your academic preparation.

    Combine those 2 things -- a gap in your practice history and a delay in your passing NCLEX -- and it raises some red flags. If they have new grads with no employment gap who are ready immediately after graduation to take NCLEX, the hospital may feel those new grads have a better chance of success. Also, some of those new grads may have done preceptorships, externships, etc. that moved them to the top of the list.
  5. by   ichigoismyhomie it was CHW entity

    @llg....I explained the reason to the recruiter why I didn't take my board right away. As far as skills and stuffs, I been working as a patient care tech for 2 years combined with training from nursing school. during my break between graduation and board, I still work 3-4 days a week, so I keep myself familiar to nursing work settings. Although, your insight does kinda make sense about the whole issue.

    Even then, they should specify that on the job listing page. They don't even mark the position as new grad position. I also noticed several other facilities put job opening listings where they write minimum requirements as valid CA RN license, BLS and/or ACLS certified. Then after I applied for the position, they said the position required RN experience. Isn't that very misleading?
  6. by   Sensoria17
    Hmm, I wonder if maybe this is why I'm not getting called for interviews. I also graduated in Dec 08 (LVN) but due to my school and the state taking so long, I didn't actually receive my license until May.
  7. by   miss_cy
    theres a point in the gaps theyre talking about..but i think the best way to be called (atleast) by a recruiter is to state a good flow of your experiences and studies and even the reason of those gaps in your case is this, i graduated from the PI my PI RN license jan 2006, attended a class for nclex for a year which means 2007 of october i took and passed it, take note i was still in the PI here..worked as an RN in PI from 2007-2008..arrived in the US sept of 2008 applied for ssn and i just got the ssn jan of 2009, meaning..i hed the license only on 2009 though i passed the nclex 2007, i dont have the ssn to get d license.

    all that..i included in my resume in a bulleted form..i believe that the resume is the key to get a call..when you have the interview then you can voice out and explain well everything..but to begin, you have to get the right key
  8. by   miss_cy
    and may i factor that its hard to get a call for RNs is the recession..everybody is cutting off their budget. keep the faith, once we're working, it will be continuous
  9. by   NickiLaughs
    I actually work at the CHW you're probably talking about. I was told that they want to hire those with the most recent graduate dates because their skills are fresher and many of the new grads dont make it anyway.
    Many of the hospitals will also only hire locally. As far as the recession, the hospitals have unfortunately been able to be much picker about who they hire.
    December of this past year in the IE, one community college alone had 120 new graduates approx. Factor in the several other community colllege graduates & cutbacks, etc, etc. Way more graduates than open positions.
    I wish you luck!
  10. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    Quote from ichigoismyhomie
    what is the difference between new grad from may/june and new grad from december of previous year?
    The difference is there will be a perception that you're less prepared to undertake a new grad program, because you haven't been practicing any of your nursing skills in over six months. I was aware of this phenomenon before I graduated, because someone clued me in, and that is why I rushed to take NCLEX-RN and also to find a job.

    It sucks, I know. You're in this catch-22. You can't get a new grad spot because you're "out of practice" but can't get up to speed without a job. Some hospitals will still hire "new grads" six months out, you've just got to keep working the phones/apps.

    Good luck.[/quote]
  11. by   Black Jade
    I had almost the same experience as you, except I did have a job offer prior to graduating in Dec. 2007. Initially, I was planning to apply after passing my NCLEX, except my classmate convinced me to go for an interview since she said that it would be harder to find a job after graduation. Unfortunately, I didn't pass my NCLEX. I emailed my night NM and he said "not to worry, to let him know when I would take the NCLEX again".

    I took my time while working at my other job and passed my NCLEX in June '08. After I passed, I immediately contacted him by email, left messages with the day NM as well as voicemail, and spoke with the recruiter (I even went to the Open Houses) until I was able to finally get a hold of him and get a "second interview". He stated that there would be a New Grad Program coming in August, but "wasn't sure" of the dates and that he was going to let the recruiter know about me since there were openings still available. The recruiter said that there were no openings and he didn't have any applications about me. In other words, they were giving me the run around.

    A few days after, I had found out from a Nurse Practitioner working at my clinic that her daughter was going start the New Grad Program that August at the hospital I had applied. She had recently graduated from a 4-year university and passed her NCLEX. This was after they told me that there were no openings available. This was a big blow to my ego, since I was struggling to get my foot back in the door and I felt like I was begging for them to take me back. It was a time where a lot of New Grads were trying to apply, so I can understand the competition between a recent grad and somebody who graduated 6 months ago. After four months of applying everywhere I finally found a job at a clinic, while taking a refresher course so I wouldn't forget my skills.

    Just be patient. Sometimes things happen for a reason. I realized that I wouldn't want to work at a place where the NM wasn't honest enough to tell me, "I'm sorry, but at this time we don't have any positions available" instead of just giving me false hopes and giving me the run around. Unfortunately, there is a lot of politics everywhere especially in the healthcare system, but this experience had taught me humility and patience.
  12. by   Oranges3420
    I spoke last week w/a CHW recruiter about a job posting for M/S that asked for 1 year experience or new grad from May-August '09 only. When I spoke w/him about it, he states he limited it to brand new grads because otherwise, he'll receive 500+ applications. It's a way for him to cut back on applications from all the not-so-new grads that are applying.
    He states that perhaps after a year's worth of SNF experience, CHW might consider an RN for M/S. I guess it depends on the facility, the recruiter, and the floor manager.
    He also added that when looking at applicants, he takes into account if you did clinicals at their facility, went to a local school, and if you have a local address. He was not as familiar w/my school which, apparently, makes a difference in his mind.
  13. by   bummer83
    We went to a Nurseweek Job Fair yesterday at Anaheim Convention Center. We were talking to a Nurse Recruiter for Tri city Medical Center and I was told that most likely i wont land a Job in Hospital setting since im a Foreign grad and that they require that you graduated within 6 months of Application and I graduated 2006 and i have some working experience abroad and just came here last year and passed my Nclex in June 2009 and I have been job hunting since then but no luck. she said I should try applying in SNF which is hard enought to get in since they dont like this "no experience" thing. I feel like heart broken inside and losing hope....its just kinda sad
  14. by   Sensoria17

    I'd think you wouldn't have any problems getting into a SNF. I'm in the Bay Area and it seems some of the SNFs are starting to prefer RNs over LVNs given the choice. On my follow-ups, a number of facilities said they were currently only hiring RNs.