Modesto Junior College Spring 2013 Students

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    Hi... I was just wondering if anyone on here got excepted into the MJC nursing program for the SPring 2013 semester. I am preparing to get my health clearance done, and am studying for the abbreviation quizes in the meantime. What are you doing to prepare? Have you ordered uniforms and textbooks yet?

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    Congrats on starting soon!! I am applying to their LVN-RN program in April! So excited, but so nervous about getting in! How was it for you getting accepted there?
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    Congratulations! I got in too!! I'm so excited! I traveled to Africa over summer so I have a lot of my shots and vaccines done. I just have to track down all my records and organize everything. I think it says in the packet not to purchase textbooks yet. I am done with my semester and will be moving home mid-December so that's when I'll probably start with all of the uniforms, textbooks and studying. As far as the abbreviations, I will be looking at them briefly in the meantime
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    That's great you decided to start this semester! I'm going to the doctors today to get my physical and titers done. One step closer! I'm a dork...I'm at work using their laminator to laminate my abbreviation card notes....haha....thats how exicted I am. When classes get started there will be no time for laminating...just reading and studying...or so I hear.
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    Hi I also got in for Spring !! I am so excited/scared. I am currently a CNA and will just be working a lot and studying the abbreviations until school starts. Anybody have any idea about what first semester consists of? Ive heard its a lot of CNA stuff from a few friends I have in the program. I am STILL extremely nervous.
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    I'm just as nervous, maybe even more! I know we take pharmacology, theory, and maybe one more class? Not sure! I'm glad everyone got in! I need to start studying, ahhh! So nervous!
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    Moved to CA State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Hi everyone, I am applying for the Modesto Junior College this year, and have a question about the Transcript portion to the application. Do I have to have someone sign the "Office Use Only" portion to the Transcrip Verification Form? Or can I just submit my official high school and college transcript, and the staffs will initial it? Please answer back soon, if anyone can. I would greatly appreciate it!
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    NVM. Called in today, and got my question answered already.
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    Does anyone know when the lottery will take place?

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