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Hey guys, I have a question. I had an interview with LAC+USC and received a letter that I passed the oral exam. I read in the letter that they are going to contact me if positions open up. I am a new... Read More

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    I interviewed with the Nurse Manager of OB. I didn't ask that but I'm pretty sure it's the recruiter that will contact you.

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    good luck! keep us posted if u do get the job
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    Thank you!
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    Quote from Nurse_Jaydee
    Hi! I just finished my interview for OB and I have one for Peds next week. The nurse recruiter called me to interview for the ICU, but I told her I wasn't interested. She said they will be interviewing people for the ICU tomorrow too. Good luck!

    How do you think it went? I hope well. Did you interview on the unit? That's awesome you have an interview for Peds next week. I am really hoping to work in Peds or NICU. Always a good position if you can turn down ICU interviews! Good luck next week.
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    Hi! I think it went well but there were other people interviewing and more people will be interviewed tomorrow. So, I guess we'll see. Hehe. Also, I turned ICU down because I don't want to work ICU, unless it's NICU. I think she asked me just cuz I was there. I met a girl there that was hired at Harbor for the ICU, so looks like there are many openings so far. Let us know how tomorrow turns out. Take your time and think about your answers, smile and be confident (but not cocky) hehe. Take care!
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    Did anyone interview for the med surg RN I position? Actually, they referred to it as RNF. Does anyone know what this stands for?
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    The F means temporary. If you are referring to the OB Med/Surg, I interviewed for it today.
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    First round at Harbor went well today, definitely not hard but it did give me a great feeling about working there. Hopefully I will get my letter soon so I can start interviewing for specific positions.

    Nurse_Jaydee, did you get your interviews by calling around or did they call you? I hope you hear something positive soon!
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    RNTriathlete, I'm so happy for you! It will feel like forever when waiting for that letter, but it'll come in no time! The nurse recruiter called me after I inquired on positions. When I spoke to her, she basically said we will contact you if we find something for you and to send my resume. And then, I got a call back the same day to interview. I hope I hear something soon too, but if I had a choice I would love the Peds position! There were a couple of people interviewing, so there is def some competition hehe :P
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    Hi everyone--
    Sorry for butting into this thread, but I got excited when I found this thread today and meeting other newbies at LAC USC. I actually interviewed a looong time ago for ICU-- interviewed and was offered the position same day August 6. I passed medical and background check a looong time ago-- but the recruiters told me they're still waiting for the positions to be passed, and have been reluctant to even give me a start date, so I've been holding my breath since mid august to even get a start date
    Anyway, nice meeting all of you and hope to do so in person really soon

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