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LAC+USC interview new grad RN - page 53

Hey guys, I have a question. I had an interview with LAC+USC and received a letter that I passed the oral exam. I read in the letter that they are going to contact me if positions open up. I am a new... Read More

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    Hi @Itsmylucky day! Is your interview for Olive View? and how did it go??
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    you are so right. thanks. I had my interview and it was not for olive view. they asked very general questions, nothing really related to ER or OR actually. but I thi it went well. I hope
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    I have an interview for ER next week too. I had one for ICU this week and it was all behavioral and personality. I really studied and was surprised after the interview. Were the ER interviewers friendly? Were there more than one?
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    For er yes more than one...two. Yes friendlyso dont worry.
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    For those of you that heard back from LAC+USC, did you all include your cover letter and DMV record when attaching the documents?

    Thanks in advance
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    Quote from whimm02
    For those of you that heard back from LAC+USC, did you all include your cover letter and DMV record when attaching the documents?

    Thanks in advance
    Did they specifically ask for your DMV record? If so, that's a new requirement. When I applied last year they never asked for that.
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    Hello! do any of you have tips for la county interview? going to have one for Harbor ER. thanks in advance
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    Quote from AngRN77LA
    Here's my timeline on how long it took for me to get hired:

    Applied August 2012
    Civil Service Exam March 2013
    Called in for Interview with managers: May 10th & 14th 2013 (3 interviews, total)
    May 23rd 2013 offered position in ER
    Livescan completed May 31st
    Health Clearance complete June 5th
    Start date: July 1st.

    I did not wait around for county to contact me; I had forgot all about applying in fact. I took a job at a SNF after I graduated until I could find a hospital job. I found a hospital job at a small community hospital which still hires ADN's, and then I was contacted by county. I've only been working in a hospital for 6 months and I love where I work but I can't let this opportunity pass me by!!! For all those trying to get in, be patient but don't focus only on county, keep your options open but definitely follow up. When I applied, I didn't have any experienced referenced on my application, they called me based on being a new grad.
    My start date is August 16th!! Im so excited!!! How was your first month!!??? Are with a preceptor already?? How is your schedule?
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    Anyone else had an interview for the DEM Jail Clinic @ LAC USC? If you did please let me know if/when you hear anything back from them in regards to being hired...had an interview today..but I've been reading from prior posts related to other units that it may take a few weeks to receive an offer...
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    Hey every one Just want to share my experience with county...

    May 15, I applied
    May 31, took written exam
    June 18, Got the letter saying i passed and was on the eligibility list
    July 11, went to harbor to fill out a "hard copy" application
    July 19, Med surg interview at harbor
    July 24, ER interview Harbor and Job offer from med surg and did my live scan.

    Now... just waiting to clear to get my physical. I am so exited... its a long process, but worth it. I got a part time night shift position on a trauma step down unit, and after looking for work for a year... i couldnt be happier.

    Keep your heads up, pray, and follow up!! Good luck guys! and thanks for this thread... it was sp helpful
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    Hello! do any of you have tips for la county interview? Anything is appreciated
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    Hi all, I need to make a decision between county and clinic jobs. I got hire at a clinic for full time and full benefits. I then got an offer to work for med-surg at county as relief nurse night shift. It's temporary with no benefits. As a new grad, which one would you choose? Thanks.
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    Did anyone take the EKG test for ER position? If so how was it? I do know how to interpret it but not so much the placement. I got a contingent offer but I have to pass the background check which I did, then the physical and EKG.