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Hey guys, I have a question. I had an interview with LAC+USC and received a letter that I passed the oral exam. I read in the letter that they are going to contact me if positions open up. I am a new... Read More

  1. by   coast2coastRN
    This is my second time applying. I had been called to do the civil service exam (oral interview) before, but i was only on the list for 6 months. Shortly after that interview I got a job so I decided to stay in New York for at least a year.

    Just be mindful that you'd have to go through the process again when your eligibility expires. It's not a matter of "keeping in touch," there IS a time limit. I got a call back when I decided to apply for posted positions again and the recruiter said they couldn't consider me because as of the day before that, I was no longer on the list...
  2. by   Sophia432
    Hi coast2coast,

    Would you mind letting me know when you get the results of the written test? I'm hoping they might come earlier than HR said......Ill post when I receive mine as well.
  3. by   RNBSN4
    Hi Sophia432,
    I just received my letter that I passed the written test and I am now on the eligibility list. I hope you receive your letter soon!
  4. by   Sophia432
    Congrats! I just got mine in the mail and passed as well. At least we are a step farther in the right direction now
  5. by   coast2coastRN
    That's awesome RNBSN4 and Sophia432! I hope I get something too, that it's at least on it's way to the east coast... Last time, I never received my letter. I had it resent again and still didn't get it. I really hope I get something!

    Yay! So happy for you guys. Keep going at it!
  6. by   coast2coastRN
    Quote from Sophia432
    Congrats! I just got mine in the mail and passed as well. At least we are a step farther in the right direction now
    RNBSN4 and Sophia432, I just received my letter that I passed, too! Whew. Yay!
  7. by   Sophia432
    Congrats Coast2CoastRN! That is great news. I heard from one of the Nurse Managers that over half the people who took it when we did failed! Phew...glad we didn't fall into that category
  8. by   mamatoo3
    Hi everyone...I hope its ok to post here...I'm actually a new grad lvn...heres my time frame...

    Applied in Dec 2012 for lvn1 position
    Had interview in March to get on eligibility list
    Got letter in the mail stating I made it on list June 18
    Next day got called in for an interview at lac usc
    Interview was on June 20th I thought it went really well
    Now a week later still waiting for a call abt interview number 2
    Any words of encouragement? Does it sometimes take a while to get the second call? Thanks guys
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  9. by   Itsmyluckyday
    Quote from AngRN77LA
    Here's my timeline on how long it took for me to get hired:

    Applied August 2012
    Civil Service Exam March 2013
    Called in for Interview with managers: May 10th & 14th 2013 (3 interviews, total)
    May 23rd 2013 offered position in ER
    Livescan completed May 31st
    Health Clearance complete June 5th
    Start date: July 1st.

    I did not wait around for county to contact me; I had forgot all about applying in fact. I took a job at a SNF after I graduated until I could find a hospital job. I found a hospital job at a small community hospital which still hires ADN's, and then I was contacted by county. I've only been working in a hospital for 6 months and I love where I work but I can't let this opportunity pass me by!!! For all those trying to get in, be patient but don't focus only on county, keep your options open but definitely follow up. When I applied, I didn't have any experienced referenced on my application, they called me based on being a new grad.
    you said you had 3 interview so that means you have good experience with interviews then I am horrible with that. any tips? Any questions you remember. I am interviewing with ER and Operating room. Help please?
  10. by   Itsmyluckyday
    Quote from AngRN77LA
    R. Yusi! Congrats on the job offer!!! I also got an offer to work in the ER!!! I just went for the Livescan on May 28th and received an email 2 days later with an appointment to go in for my health clearance. I started the health clearance on Monday, 6/3 and because I need to be cleared for my second TB reading, I go back Wednesday and was told I'll receive clearance that day, from there go to nurse recruitment and wait for my start date. I was surprised how fast the Livescan took...I heard it also depends on how common or unique your name is...I'm the only RN in the state of California with my last name so maybe that had something to do with it. I agree with bbyjam, get your health documents such as TB screenings in place copies of titers, etc that way you can be cleared the same day you go in!!!

    Bbyjam, what unit are you gonna be working in?
    Congratulations I am going to interview for the ER, any tips that can help please? I am horrible with interviews because my nerves get the best of me and I would hate to mess it all up after I waited this long also do you have ekg because they said it was required but did you take the one day course or the 3 day course?
  11. by   Itsmyluckyday
    Quote from r.yusi
    Hi Sophia,
    Im sorry..i had my interview like 3 weeks ago and I never went though a written exam. I went through the physical interview and everything..some of the clinical questions i got asked were pretty interesting and hard...(like im glad I have ER experience..because if I was fresh out of school..i wouldnt know how to answer some of the questions they asked)..people say if you went to nursing'd do fine..but my interview was pretty hard and gave me situations where the disease and tx isnt obvious, and I went with my current experience in the ER and THAT helped out a lot)...
    Anyway, good luck with the written exam!! hope it goes well
    what kind of things did they ask you? I am nervous about my interview I blank out when I don't know what to say. please help.
  12. by   Itsmyluckyday
  13. by   RN_Mom
    I can only speak for the ICU not ER. Come to think of it, most interviews I went on asked behavior type questions, to see how you handle certain scenarios. You don't have to answer right away, take your time! It's almost like having a conversation with a group of people, at least that's how I look at it. Most of all, you need to relax! Those were the best interviews I had, when I was relaxed. Take a deep breath. The interviewers expect you to be somewhat nervous, just don't let it get the best of you.