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Hey guys, I have a question. I had an interview with LAC+USC and received a letter that I passed the oral exam. I read in the letter that they are going to contact me if positions open up. I am a new grad RN. Have you been in my... Read More

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    I'm excited to meet you volunteer pioneer! We're in the same situation, graduated last yr of december and I'm not working too. I turned down a per diem position because it starts this October. I didn't want a conflict in schedule with county because I thought I would start October. I kind of feel rusty in terms of my skills so I feel nervous too. But thank god we're starting in med-surg first before we go up to train for ICU then train again for CT-ICU!
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    @nurseJaydee, and Kristi.W, thanks for the advice and words of encouragement. I did not leave the interview with a good feeling. We will see what happens. They told me it takws 2-3 weeks to hear back. But from reading other posts, I know some people have heard back much sooner than that.
    @NurseJaydee,. have you heard anything yet? how was your interview?
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    I haven't heard anything so I'm taking it as a no What time was your interview? I didn't see you...
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    @Nurse Jaydee, I would not give up so quick. One person I know, was told she got the job two weeks later. My interview appointment was at 2:00 PM, but we did not start until some time after that. What time was yours? How did your interview go?
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    Thank you for the encouragement! I think I saw you now... Where you wearing a suit-type outfit with a green shirt? Mines was at 3 and if so, I went right after you. I thought it went well... I just called to see if there was anything else I could interview for and Sue said, "They haven't made a decision on your last interview yet, so hang in there." I didn't even ask about my interview... So I guess that's good news, they're still deciding. Let's keel our hope up!
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    how does one send a private message?
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    Yes that was me. I do remember seeing you. You were filling out some paperwork. Good luck to us!
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    I think you have to do 15 posts before you send a private message, so post away! Lol. There were two of us waiting. I was the one wearing a dress and long hair... But I remember seeing you! How funny :P
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    That is, but I didn't see anyone wearing a dress, where were you sitting?
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    I was sitting next to the other girl in the hallway. I went in right after you. You probably saw the other girl cuz she came there super early.