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Hi just wanted to see if anyone has applied to the RN program at cypress. Maybe we can talk with each other as we sit and wait for a decision. I just applied Sept 1st and am turning in docs tomorrow. We gotta stick together... Read More

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    Great info ChristineLVN2RN I will keep my fingers crossed for you both. I'm in 3rd and most of the Bridge students are in my clinical group. Tell your friend I say hi it would be neat to make that connection.
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    Does cypress nursing application only once a year? I don't see any application can be filing till this September. Did I just miss the application filing period?
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    Hi nextway55 yes the application period is once a year and only in September.
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    hi Gizelle2,
    you must be in anaheim regional? my friend is in that hospital for clinicals too. =)
    her name is -------------- and she is super smart and very sweet and awesome friend. tell her I said Hi and have fun at clinicals on wednesday =) and i forget, tell her to have fun on her those exciting nursing care plans. lmao!
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    Quote from nextway55
    Does cypress nursing application only once a year? I don't see any application can be filing till this September. Did I just miss the application filing period?
    yes they accept only once a year. =/
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    hey Gizelle22,
    could u ask any of your teachers or perhaps director what's important about the nlnac accreditation?
    i'm applying to pasadena and glendale lvn to rn bridge program but they are not nlnac accredited.
    cypress is nlnac accredited and of course cypress has a great reputation for being of the top nursing programs in california. im just really bummed about not making it to the application because of the budget cut. =(
    i'm still thinking if i should wait for cypress or just rush into it with pasadena or glendale.

    i heard nlnac is very important but i'd rather it hear from your reputable teachers who know the right information. =)

    i'd really appreciat your help.

    and Good luck on your 3rd semester! you're more than halfway there!!
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    Thank you Christinern2lvn yes I am there and I will find your friend. I believe the importance rests on transferability to a BSN program some require the nlnac accreditation. You may want o look at lacusc, rio Hondo and golden west maybe they have a bridge thing. I will ask the director and get back to you. Cypress is well known and it means a lot to graduate from there it's the only one I wanted to go to so I totally understand. I can see the finish line!
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    thank you so much. i know for sure your teachers or director will have more reliable and reputable information about the difference of attending nlnac program and non nlnac program (pasadena, rio hondo, glendale).
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    Hi just a quick update I just finished 292 which is the 1st part of 3rd semester. It was absolutely an experience and it was harder than the others that's true. I guess as you move up it has to get harder right? Of course it does. Don't sit on your butt in this semester or you won't make it. Give it all you've got. It's doable
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    Oh and christinelvn2rn I was swamped and haven't asked I will on Monday sorry super crazy class

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