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Hi just wanted to see if anyone has applied to the RN program at cypress. Maybe we can talk with each other as we sit and wait for a decision. I just applied Sept 1st and am turning in docs tomorrow.... Read More

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    I applied last semester so 2013. I have only applied once so far for cypress.
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    Well I just wanted to drop by and say I took my boards today and completed my NCLEX in 75 questions. Cypress College Nursing prepared me more than I can ever express and if one day I could give or do something too give back to them even a small amount what they gave to me I would be so happy. Thank you Cypress College and good luck to you all on your journey
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    Hi studleygrl99, hey it's krisy1217 an applicant also for cypress RN program. I applied Sept 2011 and I checked with the counselor to see when should i get in and she said 2-3 semesters. So for applicants that applied year 2011 and that is waiting in ( in the chronological order) they will get in next year spring or fall 2015. I hope i get in co'z i been waiting for 3 years now. So, Studleygrl99, how do u know you are in the chronological list? did they tell you? and you only need to apply once and you just need to renew your application every september and turn it in i believe the 2nd week of september they will send you an email. So watch out for it around end of Aug.

    To Gizelle22, wow! so congrats! did you pass you are an RN now? where are you planning to work? what NCLEX review did you use for the NCLEX? when did you graduate again? What do you suggest to use to study for the TEAS test? I will be taking the TEAS test once I get in the RN program because Cypress college stated once you get in. they will schedule a TEAS test for all that got in the program. Any other advice? THanks all!
    So Studelygrl99, i think the TEAS test is only good for a year.
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    Krisy1217 thank you! I got what we call the good pop up and feel very confident that I passed. I am waiting still for my actual license. That's gonna take a minute lol I used the teas review book which honestly just made me feel better didn't give me much content it was nice practice though. For the NCLEX I used Kaplan and I swear by it only thing I used and it was the best. Cypress prepares you so well trust me but Kaplan was the cherry on top. It is well worth the money. When you get into cypress start saving for it. I think it was like 3 or 4 hundred but the confidence you feel walking into the NCLEX at least for me you couldn't oust a price on that. Good luck on getting I can't wait to hear about it
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    Hello Everyone,
    Just checking to see if anyone got into the RN program for Cypress college this fall 2014? If not , let's keep in touch. My counselor said that I should get in next year 2015. I am in the chronological waiting list.

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    Hi Gizelle22 - Congrats on passing the NCLEX, I'm sure that's a HUGE weight off your shoulders. What an accomplishment! I will be starting my second semester in the Nursing program at Cypress in the Fall. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions (not too many, I promise)? I don't know if there is a way to private message you through Allnurses?
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    el2013 hi I sent you a private message you should see it. Feel free to ask anything you'd like happy to help if I can. Congratulations on getting past 1st it takes some getting use to all the new stuff so good job
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    Thank you. I did get your message but it won't let me reply back via private message because I have less than 15 posts.
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    I sent you another

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