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CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

  1. 0 Hello! I'm new to allnurses.com and I hope I can fit in with you guys

    I'm surprised that no one else has started a thread about CSU Long Beach's nursing interview for Fall 2011! The Interviews begin next week and isn't anyone out there as nervous as I am! I live in Norcal so the long drive down to Long Beach, will hopefully be well worth it!

    I have only gathered small bits and pieces of information about the interview for CSULB and if you guys would like to share what you know with me; that would help a lot.

    From previous threads on nursing Fall 2010 >> http://allnurses.com/general-nursing...ch-452445.html << I think basically the interview is only for about 1/4 of the people who applied. They will select around 80%-90% of those applicants into the nursing program. The interview is not like a job interview; but instead it is supposed to demonstrate your skills in detail, communication and taking/giving directions.
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    i'm excited for the interview! Hope we all could make it in
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    CalStatePreNursing - The info you've gathered is pretty accurate! I went through the same process about this time last year & flew down from NorCal on my interview day. I can't mention the exact details for fairness but it's really nothing to stress over. Chances are, if you're scheduled for an interview .... you're most likely in. Good luck!
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    Oh I hope it's not too stressful, CA_BSN_Student! I realized there is a chance I might be placed on the alternate list regardless of the interview. However, I am keeping my head up! Haha iam_rladbfl! When's your interview? Mine's on Friday at 9am!

    Anyways good luck to all other interviewees!
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    Congrats and good luck. I dont apply until next spring since they aren't taking transfers.
    If I may ask, your stats?
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    My statistics I have added up myself and if what my research on CSULB has told me...I may have a chance to barely make into CSULB without being waitlisted.

    Science GPA: 3.26
    Overall GE GPA: 3.75
    Teas Overall: 91.8%
    Teas Math: 93.3%

    Overall a 8.837 out of 10.

    Last year the cutoff was 8.94 I believe, but Fall 2010 also had a lot more applicants than this year...if my research is correct. So perhaps the competition this year will be a little less fierce. Also I think there will be less of a budget cut...I may be wrong though. I won't know until I get to chat with the nursing adviser.

    How about you Beachbedhead?
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    My interview is on the 14th at 11am

    I'm so excited but scared at the same time because when I called in to make an appointment, Monalisa said I was on the alternate list.. and she said that my score was 8.91.
    But hopefully couple spaces open up!

    I'll try to post up some info about the interview when I'm through with mine
    and Goodluck to all of you guys!
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    Lol I don't apply till next fall but assuming I get finish micro and physio with As my stats are
    Pre-req: 4.0
    GE pre-reqs: 3.5
    Teas: I don't know yet cause I haven't taken it yet. I will in November. If I can at least a 90 on all parts of it than what would my points be?
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    * I apply this next spring for fall 2012. And I'm taking micro and physio now
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    wwhere else yall apply to?
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    Beachbedhead, your stats look strong! Here is the formula that I figured my gpa.

    Your science GPA is 4.00, and GE GPA is 3.50. I would take 4.00+ 3.50/2(it is divided by two because the points given for GE is 2). Then if you have 90%=.90 on your teas overall and .90 for your teas math your score would most likely be scored like this:

    4.0+3.5/2+.90(2)+.90(2)= 9.35 out of 10

    Your score looks very promising if you can achieve 90% on your teas!
    Be sure to keep up the strong grades! Good luck on getting into the spring 2012!

    I applied to several other CSUs and two CCs for the AA degree. Haha I just sprinkled my apps hoping to hit a few!
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    Good good. I'm keeping it that way. Where did you do your pre-reqs
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    Good luck on your interviews!