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Hello! I'm new to allnurses.com and I hope I can fit in with you guys :D:redbeathe I'm surprised that no one else has started a thread about CSU Long Beach's nursing interview for Fall 2011! The Interviews begin next week and... Read More

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    Related to pharm and patho...anyone know where to find copies of lecture notes for CSULB pharm and patho classes?

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    Could somebody tell me what dates (or an approximate) I need to keep open for the summer if I get into the CSULB Nursing Program for Fall 2012? I want to take a trip over the summer, but someone told me there is a mandatory orientation meeting. Thanks.
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    You can miss the orientation meeting... it is not that big of a deal.. they will just have someone sit in for you. One of the girls in our class couldn't make it and I sat in for her. Go ahead and make your plans!
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    Ooo thanks! So I'm assuming other than the orientation, if I get accepted, everything else is just like registering for regular classes at CSULB? Do you know if the orientation is normally in June, July or August.
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    Ours was in June!
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    Realized I didn't answer your question above? Registering for classes is done exactly the same way as you would if you were attending CSULB. However, all of the nursing classes are locked so only nursing students can get into them. So you are guaranteed the class you need. It is pretty nice! If you have any other questions please ask me. These boards are what got me through the 3 years that I was taking pre-reqs so I am glad to return the favor!
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    Hey MaleFocker I was reading another post that I couldn't locate here so I am asking on this forum. I go to SBCC part-time and work during the day. I am wanting to get my RN and am debating rather to get my LVN (I have my CNA). Following that get my rn than go to a bsn. I saw that you said ask about southern california schools due to your knowledge about area. I mean should i just attempt for a straight uc/csu transfer??? thanks bro
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    I thought about doing the same thing... but you should definitely go straight for your RN if you have the grades and here is why. First off it is about 25k to become an LVN and when you are done it is nearly impossible to find a job especially they way the market is right now. However getting into nursing school is extremely difficult so it kind of depends on the situation you are in. If your grades are not good and you didn't do well in your pre-reqs you might have to take the LVN route. There are 2 advantages of being an LVN first 1) you can gain some experience and see if becoming an RN is what you would like to do. 2) Getting into a program as an LVN and then getting your RN is a lot easier than just getting into a school for just your RN.... a lot less competition. I have two friends that had about a 2.0 grade average so they went the LVN route both of them finished school in December in Southern California and neither one of them has been able to get a job. It is my understanding that Kaiser is the only hospital is still employing LVN's. Anyway hope this helps. Being a CNA is awesome btw... you will find that you are a lot more comfortable in the hospital then most of your classmates! Good luck

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