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Anyone else applied to Samuel Merritt University Spring 2013 BSN program? - page 8

Hi, I just dropped off my application for the Spring 2013 BSN program at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, Ca. Anyone else want to wait with me? I am currently taking 4 courses in progress until... Read More

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    Hi Kenderella89,

    What was your class/clinical schedule like? How many times a week did you have to go to campus?
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    We're u accepted hlr7?
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    haven't heard anything yet.
    so scared.
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    Going to PM you!
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    It varies by semester. 1st semester I think it was 4 days a week: 3 days of class and one day of clinical. 2nd semester it was a full week: 3 days of class including lab and 2 days of clinical. 3rd semester is special because you have 5 week clinical rotations with 2 days a week of clinical time. The last semester it was 2 days of classes and 1 day of clinical for community health but you also have preceptorship which is any day (including weekends) that you don't have class or clinical.
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    Hopefully we'll all hear back soon!

    Saka- sooo bummed we have to wait until early December! ): All this waiting is killing me! They said they will contact those on the wait list if an opening appears, let me know if they contact you! And if they do, congrats!!
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    yup in the acceptance email, they said the deadline to submit our intent to enroll is Nov 28,
    so after they get the final list of accepted students who choose to matriculate then,
    they will know how many slots are open and notify those on the waitlist
    dont give up hope, guys
    best of luck
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    I know, it's the waiting that is making very anxious. Its like i tell myself not to hope for too much but that still in the back of your head you are hoping it would work out. It is very stressful. I am already applying to CSU's, as that had been my back up plan from the beginning. But still, it would be better if i get in now.
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    Saka -- Which CSUs are you applying to? EB, Sac, Chico? The reason why I really liked SMU is that 1) You don't need O-Chem (aren't we totally over science classes?? Haha) and 2) It's only a 2-year program! My friend just went through EB & it was 3 years. That just seems like so long to me!!
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    I am actually applying to all most all the csu. And actually that was the same reason i wanted to go to Samuel Merritt because its only 2 year program but if i don't get in, i would waste another year. I also already have the organic chemistry classes. I have taken enough classes to meet the requirements of all CSUs.
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    I was thinking about this last night...I wonder if the faculty searched us on the web like on face book or anything? I've heard of employers doing that but I dont know if schools do. I don't have anything bad on mine thankfully!
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    I just got a denial email.
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    Me too! I will try the accelerated program next spring. We just need to stay determined and never give up on this goal. It WILL happen. Keep in touch everyone. I will probably start a forum for the ABSN spring 2013 in the summer. Application deadline is July 1 I believe. Good luck everyone who got in , waiting list , or who got denied. Nice meeting u all
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