Anyone else applied to Samuel Merritt University Spring 2013 BSN program? - page 8

Hi, I just dropped off my application for the Spring 2013 BSN program at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, Ca. Anyone else want to wait with me? I am currently taking 4 courses in progress until... Read More

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    My last name starts with "K" . Wonder what are the chances of getting in with being on the waitlist. We have to be really patient guys, good luck for those who are still waiting and congrats to the ones who got it.

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    16?!! omg...thats not very many. I was told its usually around 100 applicants.
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    and if they know 16 got accepted why dont they tell everyone this week??
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    Maybe they are waiting to see how many people who were offered spots are accepting or not, and then going down the alternate list? I'm so sorry, I wish I knew more... Best of luck!
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    Maybe but like saka said they told her she won't be updated on the waitlist until early December. Guess we will find out next week!
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    hi everyone
    i got in, they sent me the email on Wednesday, Nov 14
    best wishes to everyone out there who is still waiting

    and to saka,
    i also live in the evergreen area of san jose, by raging waters, and will be commuting back and forth to oakland
    i hope you get in, and maybe commuting together can be a very economical and convenient option for both of us =]
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    Yea everybody is telling me there are good chances of getting in being no. 4 on the waitlist. I really hope i get in .
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    Good luck to the waitlisters!! Please keep us updated. If anyone is commuting from Sac, please let me know!
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    Hi Marykdarling,

    In your email, did you get a date that you have to respond/accept by?
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    Hi everyone,

    Congratulations to all of you who got in to the BSN program! That's wonderful!

    I was notified on Tuesday that I am on the wait list ): 6th out of 9! Not sure how to feel, especially since someone posted that only 16 community college transfers were accepted! Now I just have to wait until early December to see if I was bumped into the program.

    Was anyone else put on the wait list or have any idea what my chances are?

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