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Anyone Applying to Antelope Valley College RN program

  1. 1 I didnt see a thread on AVC nursing so I just made one for everyone. IS anyone applying to AVC nursing or in the program already? The person working at the department told me it would be like 3 semster waits. Im expecting to get in around fall 2011 or spring 2012 since I turn in my application around october 2010. Anyone in the program already, would you please share your experience. Anyone who is about to get in the program, can you please tell me how long youve waited since the time you turn in the application?

    thanks everyone!!!
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    Hi, I've got a friend who turne in her app in mid march 10, and she's #6 on the waitlist now, could easily get into spring 11, but for now she's to start in the fall of 2011. I turned my the first week of June 10, and she told me the same 3 semester wait. However, now I am 33 on the list, so that means fall 2011. I heard its a really good program.
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    I work with a nurse who used to be an instructor for that program totally discourage me from entering that program. My co-worker applied, but it's a three semester wait, so I took her to another school that was recomended and got in for Spring 2011.

    I would love to attend AVC, but my supervisor said that if I go there, she won't recommend me when I gradute. lol!
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    thanks skybmonkey for the info. and congratulation on getting into the program for u and ur friend. I hope you both can have the same semester. it would be nice to graduate together. Yeah I turn mine in oct 2010 and they told me my number was 204 in november. but I check couple days ago and found out im at 110. So im very happy. Maybe I will get in fall 11 as well, i just hope so because I really dont want to wait till spring 11. But if thats the only choice then it's okay.
    So can I ask you if they already send a letter home to you and your friend saying that youre both consider for fall 11 admission so you need to take a teas test? Because I really dont know how they will inform the student about their
    admission into the following semester and when, where, how to take the teas.
    I only got a letter the other day about how the teas test will be change from a version 4 to 5.0. And that the next schedule teas test at AVC is in feb/march. But it didnt mention about how I would be consider for fall 2011 admission so I guess I dont have to working bout taking the test yet.
    thanks in advancce for your reply. Who knows, i might even be in the same nursing semester as you. That would be cool. But I guess in the meantime, I hope everything works well for you and good luck to you and ur friend on taking the teas test =)

    Wow, your supervisor is pretty harsh on you. I dont think she is a very nice instructor. But hey Im glad your co-worker got into another place. I guess it is kinda a 3 semester wait but oh well, right now most of the program in other area has a waiting list too. Commuting is not a convience thing for me right now. Attending a university is too expensive for me now so I rather stick to someth place closer to home.
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    Thirdwatch, wow really? I guess it depends on who you ask, because some people just say the greatest things about that program. I think its every school that has the good and the bad, when I applied to COC I heard the same thing good and bad. :-)

    Munkeyann--thank you, hope you get in fall as well. You should call them and ask them, I got that letter too. However, because I had taken the TEAS already, I submitted my scores the following day just in case. The letter says to turn in the scores before Jan 1st 2012, but they might have meant 2011. I didn't yet receive a letter of acceptance, she said these they will mail them out in Feb. My friend got her letter to take the Teas in Sept, exactly one month before the date of the scheduled test. They told her all spots were filled for Spring 2011, but I reckon since her place in line is now one of the first they wanted to have her scores just in case last minute a spot for spring opens up. And ya that would be nice to have same semester :-) By the way, when in doubt call them.
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    Hi there! Would you know where the clinical sites would be for AVC RN program? )
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    I am assuming lancaster community hospital, and the county clinics, but honestly i am not sure. However, I've got a friend who will start in 2 weeks, so I'll ask her :-)
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    Okay so the clinicals are at Antelope Valley Hospital.
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    oh okay! thanks a lot!
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    Hi everyone,

    I turned in my application last June 2010 and I just found out that I'm #50s on the wait list! Yay! They told me that I should be getting my TEAS test packet anytime next week.. Not quite sure when exactly I would be taking the test but I have a good feeling it'll be around March.. so I started studying for it.

    When I first submitted my app, I thought 3 semester seem super long of a wait, but it went by quick. I was taking other required classes for an A.S.

    Good luck to anyone else that's going to be taking the TEAS this year!
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    Im sooo excited!!! I just found out Im now #30 on the waitlist and should be receiving my TEAS packet in the mail at the end of the week. The Health Sciences Department said the testing dates start Feb 24th. I too have heard mixed reviews about the program but you always will with any program. I am happy to know I wont have to commute for school. I know many Nurses who have graduated from the program and none of them had anything negative to say about the program and they all are working as Nurses today so that is a good sign. Good Luck to everyone applying and to those who are already accepted.
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    Good luck on your exams, seems like we'll be starting the program at the same time :-)
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    I'm an LVN and working on my prerequisites for the rn program and I was wondering if its better for me to do the bridge program or taking all 4 semesters?