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I have read from some previous posts in prior years that the lottery is completed just days after the application deadline. I was actually expecting an e-mail yesterday (Friday) because it seems... Read More

  1. by   kristinannbeck
    I emailed ------- the direct of nursing (at ohlone) and she said that the alternates have been emailed, so if you have not received an email you were higher than 80 on the lottery list. She also said the list should be posted soon, perhaps monday. Sad day
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  2. by   mjs488
    I left a message at Health Sci but the call was not returned. Thanks for the information!
  3. by   jstrawberry
    I am very upset that I wasn't one of the top 80.
  4. by   mjs488
    If it is any consolation--and it probably isn't--my last year was like this: I applied to College of Marin, Contra Costa and Los Medanos. At Marin I was 226/237 applicants, at CCC I was 59/70 on their alternate list, an at LMC I didn't even make the alternate list. I was very discouraged and, since I am older than most students here, doubly frustrated in my mind, as one year missed is a year of experience that I will never be able to acquire.

    This year, I added Ohlone to my schools. I appear to be no-go from Ohlone, though I would be encouraged to see myself as a Spring alternate (would have to be in the top 100 most likely). I also found losing out on Ohlone to be disappointing, particularly because of the hoops...the reading placement test, the mandatory counseling session, the mandatory information session to pick up the application and then the hand-carry to submit the appilcation, which represented about 11 hours and 350+ driving miles for me. Plus, the facility is amazing and it makes one feel like they are in the 21st century of education.

    I am again no-go from Marin (144/189), and LMC has yet to select. I have a glimmer of possibility this year, at 5th of 40 alternates from CCC -- I am hoping that some students choose other schools or the school receiving some anticipated additional funding.

    Bottom line: if this is what you want to do, hold on, even though the ride can be very painful at times :uhoh21:.
  5. by   kristinannbeck
    mjs488 - thanks for the words of encouragement! I have been pretty disappointed, but I really need to look at this with a little more perspective. Obviously the 200+ people that didn't get in are all disappointed, it happens. I should have added more schools to my application list. Good luck in the program to those who got in!!
  6. by   kristinannbeck
    p.s. got another email clarifying (because they were somewhat unsure in the first email) that those who got in and the alternates have been notified, and the lottery list will not be posted until the end of this next week, or possibly the following week (in case you were holding on to a glimmer of hope that perhaps they just forgot to email you)
  7. by   Mila3791
    I am quite annoyed with the Ohlone right now... If the lottery results already available, why not to post them right away instead of making applicants wait for the email! As with the previous posters, it took me 3 trips to Newark facility to be eligible to apply which rounded up in about $60 in gas money on the top of other expenses. I'm not upset that I wasn't selected, after all it is a lottery, but I am really irritated with the selection procedures.
  8. by   kangar00
    thanks for giving your opinion. Do you know students who have been in either or both of the programs? I don't know any. I currently take a class at Chabot and have heard that the person in charge of nursing admin is a really rude and difficult to deal with. Two of my friends took the TEAS test there and both said she just had a bad attitude and was really rude to the students taking the test. Another instructor said she, "Runs a tight ship".
  9. by   kangar00
    I've been told they make it difficult on purpose to reduce the number of people who apply to the program. It really discourages anyone who is not local from applying; and from that stand point it really does work (something like 300 people apply to that program vs. 1200 to Chabot) I agree it really is frustrating that they won't post the list.
  10. by   1waitingpatiently
    I've dealt with everyone in the administration at Ohlone and even have a class with the director. I respect and like them personally. I feel like they are professional and knowledgable. You won't get an easy ride, but most prestigious programs aren't known for because they were easy. I know several current students and graduates and they all like the program.
  11. by   mjs488
    The list finally posted about 10 minutes ago. I am very very far down
  12. by   kristinannbeck
    i was 112.. how great it must feel to be high up on the list... better luck next year
  13. by   Mila3791
    I am quiet low on the list too... Hopefully most of you guys have some other options for this year, if not, best of luck next year!