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Just wanted to open up this page to get the party rolling since the application opened up today. Only bad thing is that I hated my cover letter, but because I had submitted all 4 documents, it... Read More

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    Hello everyone, congrats for those who got hired and best of luck for those still looking. I am new to the site and from reading all the post i have a few question about the application process of new grad program at UCLA. i am planing to apply for the summer program, i have my cl, resume and requested my LOR, but my LOR wont be ready for another week. Do you have to upload LOR when you are filling out the application? Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Sorry to ask this but I wasn't sure...

    Applications open up today. On the website it states "Applicants must have graduated from a registered nursing program (BSN preferred) within 12 months of starting the program". I am still in my LAST semester of my nursing program and don't have my license yet but am I still eligible to apply for this??
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    I just started a new thread for the UCLA new grad 2012 summer program
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