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  1. kv07

    UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012

    Congrats KickPushCoast! What's your secret (if you have any -- Tips, etc)?? Thanks and congrats again!
  2. kv07

    Nclex in a few days....need help with pharm:(

    I would not worry about any pharm meds. I would recommend to understand side effects of psych meds though. I had a lot of those (akinesia, tardive dyskinesia, parkinsonism, etc). Know to differentiate those.
  3. kv07

    Recent NCLEX-RN California Test Takers?

    I can not remember exactly the steps but I received a letter in the mail from BRN, this letter was NOT my att. However I signed up with Pearson Vue thinking that the letter I received in the mail was my ATT, but by the time it got to a screen that asked me for my ATT number, I realized the letter was not my ATT and the letter had no number provided for me to continue on with registering. I also had to sign up with Pearson Vue using my email address. I checked my email about 5 minutes later after registering an account with Pearson Vue and they provided me with an ATT through my email (this was immediately after I signed up with Pearson Vue). It was a really weird process.
  4. kv07

    Scared in Fresno

    Twinie_26. I am from Fresno :) You can apply for any externships starting 2nd semester so I would recommend applying after first semester ends. Apply like you would any other jobs (online and submit an application). If you have connections and resources with nurse managers at any Fresno hospitals you want to work in, go see them if their department is hiring. A lot of the hospitals have externships posted up. I had one and it was extremely beneficial. Anyone here work in NICU and would be willing to give me recommendations on how to get started in there? I am a new grad! Thanks.
  5. kv07

    Failed twice...anyone try hurst??

    Hurst is definitely the way to go. Strategy wise, I would not pay a class to learn strategies...you can go to your local bookstore (barnes and noble) to purchase their Kaplan Strategies book and it is just as beneficial as any Strategy course but cheaper! Hurst is great in that everything you really need to learn for content is provided for you. Although I had Saunder's book and it was great too...it had a lot of information but it was just overloaded with WAY too much content for a normal person to really learn and understand. Hurst is precise, well put together, and easy to learn. But, don't be mistaken, like I said in previous threads...don't just think listening to it once will help you retain the material. You really do have to work hard and study to retain all the content information. Plus, all the 5th day materials provided in Hurst is so beneficial. Especially all the infection control materials, etc. Use those to your own benefit. Good luck. I truly felt walking out of NCLEX that if you knew your material, you would pass with no problems.
  6. kv07

    NCLEX Results in California.

    Hello all... For those who live in CA and recently just took NCLEX, how long did it take you to know your results if you passed or not? I took my NCLEX 6 days ago and nothing has been posted up yet...I also know of classmates who took theirs before I did (up to 4 weeks before I've taken mine) and they too, don't know their results yet (no mail, no names on BRN website, no nothing!)....there are only 2 students in my class who have known for sure they passed. I called to ask if and when my school sent my transcripts to the BRN. My school told me transcripts were sent June 12th...I am assuming transcripts should have reached BRN by now. I am sure they have a bulk of mail to sort through but anyone who just took NCLEX recently experiencing the same thing?? Thanks.
  7. kv07

    UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012

    Me too...any other news yet, anybody?
  8. kv07

    How do you know when your ready?

    I personally think it's about evaluating yourself through nursing school. Evaluate how you learned, how you did on exams, how you did on practice exams (for us, it was ATI Exams to let us know how we're doing every semester). Base your readiness on that. You know yourself better than anyone else. If your classmates are taking it earlier, doesn't mean you should or even if you are one of the first to take it out of your classmates or peers...just make sure you know yourself well enough to be sure that you are prepared. And you will probably never feel 100% ready. 2 days before I was scheduled to take my exam, I was going to reschedule it but at the end, couldn't because the next opening test date was 2 weeks away and I knew that would be too long for me. I spent a good 4 weeks of studying. And going into my exam, I still didn't feel 100% ready but I felt I knew enough and prepared enough for it. Good luck with yours, I am still waiting for my "official results".
  9. kv07

    Infection control

    I know exactly what you mean about being restless. I too, went up to 200-something questions and I felt at a point I just couldn't even really focus or think straight anymore. Besides Hurst, I also used Kaplan's Strategies book....it has a section that really helped me with "priorities and delegation". I purchased it from Barnes and Noble...if it's something you can't afford or don't feel like you want to purchase too many books...go to a local Barnes and Noble store, see if they have that book available...sit down somewhere in the store or coffee shop and read through it to help you...it honestly really helped me along with re-listening and going over hurst again and again.
  10. kv07

    Infection control

    Did you go over the Hurst Infection Control Materials on their 5th day materials (the ones available online; not in the book)? There is a great document that shows exactly what disease matches which precautions (standard, contact, airborne, droplet). I advise you to not just skim through those, because you will not be able to retain all that information by just reading or skimming through it....at this point, those material is really about memorization. I'm sorry you got the credit card page. But I know you will do great your next time around!!! Just keep focused and remove yourself from all distractions. Take it day by day and don't over exhaust yourself with studying materials. Best of luck.
  11. kv07

    HURST Qreviews grading

    Are you talking about the live or online hurst? The online one, it's completely independent work...meaning you do it all yourself (someone is not there physically lecturing) and I believe you have to print the handouts yourself (not 100% on this but I am assuming you have to). But there are ALOT of handouts to print out if you choose this option. I did the live hurst review, where I went to a lecture on my campus for 3 days straight from 8-4pm. And then after those 3 days, there are 2 days of more materials I had to listen to on their website by myself. Plus, the live review comes with an actual book, where I didn't have to print anything out with my own ink/printer. I'm a visual learner so being in an actual lecture helped me. I don't think I would have done as well If I had done just the online hurst. But we are all different types of learners so whatever your learning style is, you should think about if you would rather do the online hurst independently or the live hurst in a lecture setting. I really liked hurst though. It was just straight up content that was very simple. But please don't think that you can just listen to these hurst lectures once and know it, it took me a lot of time and dedication to really review each system and each day out of the hurst book to know my stuff and understand it. Comparing my hurst review book to my saunders review book....the saunders book is overloaded with material/content and again, hurst is simple and straight forward.
  12. kv07

    HURST Qreviews grading

    I just took my NCLEX today :) and did Hurst Review! with Saunders Book and Kaplan Exam Strategies book. I liked it because the simplicity of the content put out there. Coming out from the exam, I truly felt....if you knew your content, you would have no problem! My only real issue was that I passed the 75 Q mark and went to 200-something questions before it shut off, I started freaking out because I was in the 200 question mark and that's when I felt hypoxic HAHA and couldn't focus as well as I knew I could. But I did the Pearson Vue trick and got the "good pop up". I took 5 of the 6 Hurst Q Reviews 3 days before taking the NCLEX today. I was freaking out about percentages too (even though Hurst people told us not too!) but after taking the NCLEX, I am stressing to you...do NOT stress over the percentage on these Q reviews. If you can go back and really review and understand the rationales on the questions you missed and go over that section in the book if you still don't understand the question, you will be just fine. My averages on the 5 Hurst Q reviews were in the mid 80's out of 125 questions...which is about 60-something percent (that's why I was freaking out! but was trying to keep in mind about how they told us to not focus on the percentage). Good luck to you.
  13. kv07

    Any tricks to remembering normal lab values?

    Definitely memorization. I also found that some labs have the decimal point with another number at the end (ex: 2.3); I found that while taking practice exams, when a lab value was asked or in the stem of the question, it didn't have the .5 or .6, etc behind the number and it was just a single number lab value. My suggestion would be to not worry about memorizing those extra decimal point numbers and if there is any of the "4.6-6.2" lab values to remember, just remember it as 4-6, etc. Also, group similar lab numbers together. For me personally, names are easier than numbers. So ex: Dig level and lithium levels are very similar, a long with Cr level (dig is about .05-2, lithium is .06-1.3, Cr 0.5-1.3). I grouped similar lab values together but remembered them by the actual names to help me remember. Some lab values have "men's normal is this number and women's normal is this number". In these situation, I remember the lowest of the two and the highest of the two, to help me remember one set of number for both the men and women. Ex: Cr normal for men is: 0.6-1.3 and Cr normal for women is: 0.5-1.0. I then put those numbers together to remember Cr normal as: 0.5-1.3 would be the normal. Hardly do they ever ask normal for men or normal for woman. I just took NCLEX today so I would know they didn't ask any of that. My lab values here might be different from yours (I used Hurst for these) but what ever number you are using, I hope my strategies help.
  14. kv07

    UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012

    Is she licensed already? Or lives in the bay area? Or perhaps has experience? Thanks.
  15. kv07

    UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012

    This week, I'm assuming? Now I'm nervous!
  16. kv07

    Work situation, upset, opinions needed

    I think whether you are a new nurse or have been working as a nurse for a long time coming now, one of the hardest things to deal with in itself is not the patients but those you work with. I put myself in your shoes and the above situation you told us about. Probably the aggravating thing here is how he probably thinks it's OK for him to act the way he did just because of how long he's been working there. I can't say this for sure but it seems like it is easy to get a few passes for the way he acts around the unit just because he's been there for so long. To me, personally, his reaction was inappropriate and in any situation like what you had to deal with, no body should be coming into a room and saying that to you in the first place...even if you did misplace it, he could come back later and tell you when things have calmed down. How was him saying that at that time and place helping the situation? If he knows and can easily put the tank elsewhere, he should have done so without all that commotion and approach you later. You also have to understand that it's hard for other people who don't have the same title as you do, to understand your role as a nurse. I appreciate the majority of my CNAs around my hospital, and know I wouldn't be able to last through the day without their help, but there are some who I feel really don't understand the RN's role as a nurse. When I was still externing at my local hospital, we had a confused and SOB patient who did not follow any given instructions and kept getting in and out of bed to use the bedside commode next to his bed when we told him not to by himself (I was the one who put this next to his bedside in the first place). I ended up putting the bedside commode back in his rest room to prevent him from getting up and to instead call for help. Maybe I could have handled this a different way (had someone come stay with him, leave the commode at the bedside) but he ended up walking with an unsteady gait to the restroom to use the commode without assistance. The problem was the CNA saw this entire thing. I had no idea what the CNA was trying to do but she called both me and the RN I was assigned to for the day to come to the room. I got there first and she said to me "He almost fell down because YOU put the bedside commode back into the restroom!. And when she called my RN on the phone to come, all she said to my RN is, "Look, come look how he's walking!" Instead of worrying about the patient falling and getting the patient back to his bed right away, her focus was for the nurse to see how he was walking. The RN and her had a go at this and it was not pretty. Writing this story just so you don't feel like you are the only one who have to deal with situations like these. To me, one of the hardest things I have to deal with is gaining respect from those who you can delegate to that have worked there longer than you have. I am a new nurse and I am also much younger than many of the LVNs or CNAs so I know this is a tough challenge to gain for me. I hope you have talked with him and resolved the situation. Good luck.