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MSN FNP Thesis Topic help.



I am in need of help with starting my thesis. I'm a first semester in the Family NP school and we're starting the topic of our thesis (not the exact topic yet but narrowing down a few ideas with the topic of our choice). I'm highly interested in Palliative/Hospice Care. Our thesis has to be built around Primary Care Practice.

I am having a hard time bridging the gap between how Palliative/Hospice care in relation to Primary Care and how to put that into a thesis topic I can write about. I am not looking for direct answers but rather ideas that I can get some light from.

I've done a few search and the only thing I can find much of in relation to Primary care is Palliative/Hopsice Care referall from primary care providers.

Insights? Suggestions?? Please let me know what you think.

Thank you!

Barriers to primary care having end of life discussion or efforts to overcome them?

Continuity of care from pcp to palliative care?

Family member education from the pcp about palliative care?

Effectiveness of different teaching models on palliative care?

Have a favorite nursing theorist? Find how palliative care fits in their model.

All that pops in my head right now but I would think there are tons of similar ideas.

Best of luck in school and with the thesis.

Thank you so much scottaprn. Your response has been very helpful in getting my thinking.

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What about asking patients and/or families what types of services they would like from a primary care provider during that time? What do they need? What do they appreciate? How can an FNP help? etc.

I remember that my Dad (a small town physician in a solo practice) used to make house calls of those types of patients -- long after he stopped making house calls on other types of patients. He said he did it because the patients always said how much they appreciated it. What type of service could an FNP provide along those lines?