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Just wanted to open up this page to get the party rolling since the application opened up today. Only bad thing is that I hated my cover letter, but because I had submitted all 4 documents, it wouldn't let me go back in and... Read More

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    psych was not a choice for me. I chose nicu. I received a call yesterday

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    Hi SeptemberRN! I chose psych as my number #1, but haven't heard anything back yet. I wonder if the psych interviews will be on Nov 15 as originally stated, or on the 29th?
    Let's try to keep each other updated...there seems to be fewer of us psych people!
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    Did anyone get calls for an interview in L&D?
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    Hi everyone, I applied Oct 9th and I got a call today from HR. She told me that I'll be placed in either Step down or med surg. She asked me what particular speciality i preferred in med surg and i told her cardiac. My interview is Nov 15th and I am flying out of New Jersey on the 10th. Has anyone interviewed yet? What should i expect? (it's my first nursing job interview and i'm nervous) Will there be a second interview?
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    I recieved a call today from HR as well. I am interviewing for the OR on Dec 5.
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    Quote from majesticred
    I got called yesterday for an Cardiothoracic ICU position interview
    majesticred, what day do you interview, and can you share your experience with it when you do?
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    Quote from C2CNurse2b
    majesticred, what day do you interview, and can you share your experience with it when you do?
    I interview on the 9th and sure I will
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    I was there with a friend for her interview. She was like "in and out", she said it was a revolving door, with LOTS of potential candidates. I was listening outside and I would say the majority mentioned it was kind of impersonal of the process itself but the HR persons doing the actual interviewing was pretty nice and professional. Some did say they felt very rushed. Hope you all had the better interviews!
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    Can you only apply to this program with a BSN?
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    Yes, UCLA will only take BSN nurses. Next round starts March 5th.

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