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Hi there! I just graduated here in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm having a tough time finding work. The market is saturated with new grads and I'm picky...I want NICU or L&D...so I'm working with... Read More

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    Quote from BBQvegan
    And cost of living is not any lower than someplace like Phoenix.
    Having lived in LA for a bit, this statement didn't quite seem right. So after doing a cost of living analysis, depending where in LA you live its between 12.5% (New Orleans) and 33.7% (Tallulah) cheaper.

    What can I say? I'm a dork.
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    We have 10% sales tax on everything in the city where I live. Housing is no longer cheap. My car insurance rates doubled when I moved to Louisiana from Washington, DC. Just a few examples.
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    Do you think housing in cheap in Phoenix? Even with the soft market, you still pay a lot of a little teeny bit of land.

    Phoenix isn't some 4 way intersection with a cactus and a tumbleweed blowing by. It's a major city.

    And $24/hr isn't enough, IMO...
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    I didn't mean to start an argument. Of course Phoenix is not a tumbleweed in the middle of nowhere. I have been researching Phoenix a lot lately because I may be working out there this summer. I have never been, so I cannot officially give any input.

    Thanks for your info though.
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    It's Jan 2012.... How is TMC doing these days for quality and staffing?
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    March 2012... Anyone out there? There's a hiring freeze at UMC. How is TMC these days? Please, someone, let us know?
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    I'm a traveler at TMC right now and I have to say, it's been one of my least favorite assignments ever. They are understaffed, even with travelers and agency, they are very hard on their nurses, and it is dumpy. I love Tucson itself, but I would never come back to this hospital. I'm in ICU and it is barely okay, but when they float me out to the "stepdown" units or as "helping hands" to the med/surg/tele floors, it's hell. I have 8 shifts left and counting! I'm going to a Magnet status hospital after this and I just can't wait.
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    Just offered an interview there. I'm a California new grad. Is it worth it to make the trip?? From this posting it sounds horrible.
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    Quote from vwgirl22
    Just offered an interview there. I'm a California new grad. Is it worth it to make the trip?? From this posting it sounds horrible.
    TMC is not UMC.

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