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  1. DreameRN

    nurse anesthesia program starts soon...want to try CBD oil

    Personally I wouldn't risk it. IF you test positive, then it jeopardizes your license. I'm not positive about CBD oil itself, but since marijuana is federally illegal, and nearly all hospitals accept federal money, even if it is legal in your state, you could lose your job, license, and position in program. If you test positive for THC (which is all they will care about) you will still land in your state's monitoring program to even be able to keep your license and pay a crap ton in fees, and will be unable to work or participate in clinical sites. No RN license, no CRNA license. Take a look at the Recovery board on here, there are tons of people that have gotten nailed for similar innocuous things. It probably truly, truly sucks to have these headaches, but I wouldn't jeopardize your future. Go to the doctor and feel out any other options. I have already been tested once to start my primary clinical site, and its very possible they test you every time you go to a new site--but I don't know that for sure.
  2. DreameRN

    Site looks weird? Found a bug? Share...

    Is there a way to set a default on the sort/filter by feature? I like to see my pages the way they previously were done, which was by last reply. It'd be great to be able to set a permanent default to your preferred viewing method. Just my $.02
  3. DreameRN

    1099 vs w2

    Oh the envy i have for the time you are in to have interviews! congrats! I've got 2.5 years left...6 months down. Just following this though because i'm just as interested and 1099 vs w2 is new to me as well. My paychecks as a nurse I generally saw 30-35% taken out--all things rolled into that. I think the tax advantages also have something to do with the money you can put into retirement, and thus get in a lower tax bracket?
  4. DreameRN

    CRNA School with a young family

    Agree. Most of the time I have enough time after studying to get the time that I want with my husband. However, this is the didactic phase, and that changes with my program with clinicals. Depending on how your program is, there could be significant time away. My program does multiple rural rotations away per year, up to over 5 months when you are physically at the rural site Monday-Friday and are 3 hours away from home and living in housing they provide during that M-F. People with kids struggle with this. Not all programs do this I think, but it's a factor to take into consideration.
  5. I actually don't know because I haven't started clinicals yet. I assume yes. this is a forum that discusses it several places, this is just one thread. I'm apprehensive about this myself. WWW.NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG
  6. DreameRN

    CRNA School? Is it too early?

    It can't hurt....and you've got that year in the ED as well. If it was a good ED, with sick patients, and you feel comfortable with the sickest patients on your unit after a year in CV, can't hurt to try. My school actually has someone who most of their experience is from the ED with very remote ICU so...yeah. Its doable but depends on you. Also, shadow a couple CRNAs to make sure, plus admissions committees will look for that.
  7. DreameRN

    Pre-CRNA course offered at BARRY

    I'd say take a gen chem class at your local community college if you want to review---for probably
  8. DreameRN

    Do you use the title "Dr."?

    *shoulder shrug* I tried to redirect it back to the original question, but alas, that attempt failed.
  9. DreameRN

    Do you use the title "Dr."?

    " It shows the level of education that I have acquired. I can see myself introducing myself as "I'm Dr. Dream, I am your nurse anesthetist that will be doing your anesthesia today. " For the record, I did state in the initial post that I believe I would introduce myself as a nurse anesthetist even if I use the title doctor. Being a doctorally prepared nurse anesthetist is what I will be and that is what I should and will say. I have zero desire to be considered an MD or DO, but I do have a desire for my (future) level of expertise in anesthesia to be portrayed.
  10. DreameRN

    Do you use the title "Dr."?

    I see both sides. I can see the confusion happening...and I in no way want to be considered an MD or DO. That was not my path, and I know what I know and am who I am because of nursing. So I see the DNP as a way to show that I got a terminal degree in my field? That should lend credibility or comfort to those that I am doing their anesthesia that I learned anesthesia to a doctoral level. And I do believe that I am getting a "rigorous" education into anesthesia. Anyway I introduce myself, it will have NURSE anesthetist in it. I dunno, it's not the biggest deal. It was just a conversation in class that got me thinking about it for the first time and I wondered what real people did in their practice settings across the U.S.
  11. DreameRN

    CRNA class profile

    How old were you at the time of acceptance? lower 30s what was your overall gpa? prenursing- not great, i think around 3.0. nursing was 3.5, science was 3.2 after i retook classes what score did you get on the GRE? ~~309 and 4 in writing How many years did you spend in the ICU? I applied with 10 years Would you recommend taking part of research to boost my application? Not really. sciences more than anything else if you want to boost your app Would you recommend volunteer work to boost my application? ~~not really. none of the applications i did for any school had a volunteer spot other than resume maybe Did you pass the NCLEX on the first attempt? ~~Yes Very Important: what is the fastest way to get to the ICU? (I was recommended to take part of the New Grad Star program) ~~Not sure what new grad star is, but if it's gives you a job in the ICU, then do that. Otherwise, apply to hospitals anywhere that have ICU open...the higher acuity the better.
  12. DreameRN

    Wolford college CRNA Spring 2018

    I don't have a dog in this fight, as I don't know enough about it, and thus can't offer an opinion. Only thing I can offer for people is to look up the schools, requirements, degrees, case and anesthesia hours that the COA provides here, and do your own research and make up your mind what you want. CRNA School Search
  13. DreameRN

    Do you use the title "Dr."?

    A conversation came up in my class today, about whether or not to use the title "doctor" after we graduate. We will have earned our doctorate, and my professor has their's as well, but mentioned that it is not well received by the MDs/DOs, and that it is each CRNA's choice to use it or not, but that personally it's not a battle they will fight. My thoughts, naively I'm sure as I'm just beginning my schooling, is that I will have earned it, I will be proud of it, and I want to use it. It shows the level of education that I have acquired. I can see myself introducing myself as "I'm Dr. Dream, I am your nurse anesthetist that will be doing your anesthesia today. Is this a pipe dream? Other fields that earn a PHD, or other things use the title Dr. I know this wades a bit into the politics of the anesthesia world, and I'm sorry for that, but I'm truly curious how people that are in practice, identify themselves once they have earned that doctoral degree. Given that the requirement is going to doctorate, and eventually the majority will indeed have a doctoral degree, I think it's reasonable to use it. Thoughts?
  14. DreameRN

    Kudos to you guys!

    Same goes here. Props to your strength and perseverance. I've started CRNA school, and we had a lecture (one of many to come I believe) on addiction rates that up to 18% of crnas have abuse issues. It was somewhat sobering to realize all the little things that could completely derail my career....and life. Any time there is access to drugs there can be issues...I of course think "I have no desire for drugs, this would never happen to me" ( false human arrogance) but I've read so many posts here similarly so....Forewarned is for armed and it's a caution to stay vigilant--I've changed my patterns, I won't drive if I've had any more than one drink, etc. Thank you. I started reading here out of curiosity but I truly root for many of you that are beating the odds and staying clean. I look forward to many more "I did it, I'm clean, and done with monitoring posts!"
  15. DreameRN

    Are my stats competitive?

    Agree with ICUman. Stats look great. They will love your biology bachelors . Now start preparing for interviews....because your stats get you the interview, but the interview gets you into the program!