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Hello, Is there anyone out there that has attended/graduated from Rio Salado's nursing programs? I would be interested in any opinions on the program as well as their general reputation. Thank... Read More

  1. by   ramselr

    I'm just about to finish Rio's program in a month. Don't know about Block 1 & 2 because I started in Block 3 with the Advanced Placement program. For Block 3 in the Fall we had clinicals Saturday and Sunday, 3 weeks at a time for each subject with a weeklong break in between. The other section had clinicals during the week last semester. You can't choose - they just placed us. This semester we had clinicals 3 Fridays in a row for Psych and then Tuesday and Wednesday for Critical Care. So it's really all over the place, and we had to take what we got. It would be really hard to work a 9-5.

    Also, I would buy the Saunders NCLEX review book now. Great to use to study for the class tests. If you know those review sections inside and out you'll ace the tests. And you can buy an older edition on for a couple dollars. The last edition is just as good as the newer one.

    I also bought the older versions of all my books online and save a whole lot of money. Didn't really hurt me.

    Also, apply for the Rio nursing scholarships every semester. I think they have a lot to give and not many apply. I got one last fall.

    Good luck.

    Say hello to Bill and Becky.
  2. by   aznurse09
    I just finished the online program at Rio two days ago. They changed the program in September to the Evolve program. I heard from students that are currently in that program, that they have combined both pharm and process classes together. Our classes were separate. I had to wait one year on the MCC waitlist but got in last January. For both classes, you would have weekly quizzes and all of the reading was assigned in the weekly lessons which were to be like the lecture. The last two blocks the lessons plans were really bad. The biggest thing about the program is you have to be very disciplined to get the reading completed by the due dates. I was able to work 30 to 36 hours and complete the readings as well. Clinicals were held at the VA Hospital, Phoenix Baptist, Hacienda Health Care, and St. Joseph's. The nice thing a lot of our clinicals were held on Saturdays and Sundays, but we did have some clinicals during the week.

    Hope that helps. Good Luck.
  3. by   azchicago

    I have been on the waiting list for one year this October.

    If there is anyone who has gone through Rio's online nursing program (Blocks 1 thru 4), can you please shed some light on the program for me?

    Are the classes "over-loaded", meaning does Rio require more than other 9 nursing MCC programs?

    Can you please describe the clinicals, times, days, etc?

    And how does the program work with regards to teaching you about lab work, such as drawing blood? Do you read about it first, then learn the "physical" work at a clinical setting? Or do you do this type of learning at a lab?

    What do you think about your experience at Rio? Was it a good learning experience?

    Sorry about all the questions, but I am seriously considering selecting Rio as one of my choices and possibly my first choice. This October, I will have been on the wait list for one year. And I have taken all my prerequisites through Rio, therefore I am familiar with their program.

    Thank you so much...I really appreciate it.
  4. by   arizzonadoc
    Was just placed in Glendale Weekend Day for January, but Rio was my first choice. (I was only able to give those two choices) I need to defer placement till the next round, and am now second-guessing leaving Rio as my first choice. I need to work 4 days a week, and can manage either program time-wise, but would appreciate any input on which program is actually better (I already have a B.S. in Biology and have all the co-req's completed) I've read a lot of people say at Rio you're stuck just reading all the text without getting input of the most important info, and I'm starting to think actual classes may be more helpful in streamlining the studying process, since I don't have a ton of extra time. I can't imagine going through many of the upper level classes I took in undergrad without any input from instructors. I would have spent every waking minute memorizing hundreds of pages of text Anyway, just battling with this decision now, so appreciate any comments. Thanks!