I finally got a job offer!

  1. I was offered a new grad position with Phoenix Children's. I am looking for a room in the area so I am close by the hospital....I live somewhat far away, so I was looking for somewhere to crash while I'm working and then go home when I have days off. What is the name of the neighborhood around PCH? Is it safe? Does anyone else do this? Any other advice?
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  3. by   JoycMarr
    I've seen rooms posted on Craigslist, I would just be very careful, and probably would see if there's someone at the hospital who will let you crash (maybe someone who works an opposite shift as you) and give them a little cash as a courtesy. Good luck and congrats on your position!
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    AWESOME! Congratulations!
  7. by   boomerfriend
    Congrats on securing such a plum job! I'm a graduate of the 2008 GAPP class at PCH. It's a great place to work. As far as a place to live - the neighborhood right around the hospital is pretty rough. If you go north on 51 you may have a little better luck. However, you might be surprised how you adjust to working and driving home. How far away do you live that you think you have to crash near work?....do you commute from Texas or something? We have people driving in as far away as Casa Grande and AJ. PM me for more info if you like.
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    I live in the neighborhood just West of PCH. It is a historic district called Coronado. It is a fabulous neighborhood, and there are plenty of nice spots in and around Downtown/Central Phoenix! Yes, there are some rough patches, and the neighbporhood that PCH actually sits in is definately rough...but get a little west or a little east and you'll be pleasently surprised. The neighborhoods switch fast in as little as two blocks, so it's important to know where you are. PM me if you want!
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    I'm commuting from Vail which is about 130 miles each way....luckily I found a room with another nurse at PCH so I'm all set and ready to start. Thanks for all the kind words!
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