HCR240 online Gateway or Phoenix? (or Rio if necessary)?

  1. I need to take Patho this Spring, online. (In person is not an option for me, although I know most, if not all, posters will encourage in class only for this course).

    The class is offered online at Gateway and Phoenix ...by profs whose last names begin with a "B"...(The course is also offered online at Mesa and Rio but I am not inclined to do Mesa course based upon reviews from Ratemyprofessor and am not a personal fan of Rio bio course formats in general.)

    Please, if you have taken classes from these professors online, please give me your candid advice regarding whether the course was taught well (dislikes/likes re format, grading, etc.). (You can PM me) There is no information on Ratemyprofessors regarding either professor.

    Or, if you have had good experiences with a particular Rio HCR240 Patho professor, please let me know that too (just in case I have to go that route).

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   johnnyarei
    I took HCR 240 online through Rio Salado. I was an easy A! I finished the class in 4 days - literally! I recommend taking HCR 210 and HCR 240 through Rio if you need those classes.
  4. by   wuwei
    i completed the online class @ phoenix college and had no problems. the class is taught through a secondary program and if you follow the tutorials you will not have any problems. would recommend if you have not already registered. [font=bookman old style]
  5. by   AZMOMO2
    It is not part of Rio's Science classes so it is wayyyy easier!! Cake!
  6. by   dgva81
    Did my class at Phoenix College and had no problems with it.
  7. by   pre-ASUstudent
    @johnnyarei: 4 days?! WOW! Next month, I am planning to take BIO 156, HCR 210, HCR 230 and MAT 142 at Rio Salado. Do you think this would be a good idea? By the way, how are the HCR classes? Did you only made essays or answer quizzes? They must have been really easy!