Curious about the new grads not finding jobs?

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    I am just curious about something. I have read many discussions on the topic of new grads not being able to find jobs. Do any of you have previous healthcare experience at all, in a hospital or otherwise? Or does that not matter at all? I am on the waiting list for RN school so I still have a way to go, but have 20 years in the healthcare field so was just curious if that is taken into consideration at all when you apply to these local hospitals? Thank you so much for your input.

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    I have 15 or so years as an LPN. Passed the NCLEX RN in May and will continue to work as an LPN until there is a new grad program next year. Even that is not guaranteed. I live in north central AZ - not metro Phoenix. I am grateful just to have a job. Many of our graduating class are looking out of state for jobs. It is a strange day for us nurses.
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    I had to move to get a job. Many of my classmates who graduated in 2009 are still unemployed or have only been able to get the occasional agency shift at various LTC facilities or jails.

    Your 20 years of healthcare experience might help you if it is very recent and if it was direct patient care work.
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    I'm glad the OP asked this as this is kind of my situation too. About 15 years healthcare experience (some hospital, but mostly clinic and home visits). I'd be curious to hear from anyone (if you are out there) who is a recent grad and didn't have trouble finding work. If you exist and are willing to make a quick post, I would be interested in reading about it. (BTW..Im considering going back to school for nursing..RN)
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    There's just no very many job listings period. You can't have your experience apply if there's nothing to apply for.....
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    I think there's a shortage of jobs period. I have a friend that graduated in December 09' and she's still unemployed - waiting for a new grad program at a hospital. There's few job postings at the hospital I'm at for experienced nurses and they're not offering a new grad program anytime soon. Very strange situation we're in.
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    I graduated in May of 2009 from a rural nursing school, than moved back to my hometown of Tucson, AZ. During nursing school, I worked as a tech in an ICU for 6 months during my first semester, and worked as a paid extern for a few months during my last year of nursing school in a cardiac cath lab. I also worked fulltime as a LPN in a ltc facility during my last year of school. Basically I got every single ounce of nursing experience I could during my 2 years of school, even though I was exhausted almost always. Upon graduation, I sent out approximately 100 resumes throughout the country, with approx 50% of my resumes going to the banner health system in phoenix and alaska. I did have a few phone interviews here and there, but ultimately was consistently passed up for nurses with more experience. I also applied for several new grad programs throughout the country but was not accepted.
    Finally, 6 months after graduation, I called one of the hospitals I did a ton of clinical hours at during school and spoke with the emergency department director personally. She remembered me because my preceptor gave me absolutely fantastic reviews and offered me a job on the spot. The catch was, I had to move to a very rural part of Arizona. I accepted the position and have been in the ED for the last 8 months. Although its certainly not a town that I enjoy living in, I am eternally greatful for my first chance as an RN in a critical care setting and absolutely realize how fortunate I am. I am the ONLY person in my entire graduating class to be offered a specialty position. So, the moral of the story is:

    1. Make as many connections in nursing school as you can.

    2. Be prepared to apply for every position in every location you can imagine. Even ones you dont really consider ideal.

    3. It may exhaust you, but get as much direct patient care experience as you can, even if its only a PRN position as a CNA while in school. It does help.

    4. Just keep applying, and applying, and applying, and applying (you get the point here right?) SOMETHING will come along eventually.
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    Nothing is a sure thing anymore. It is hard and depressing being a new grad. A mentor of mine graduated 9 months ago and still has no job.

    I remember when nurses were offered 10k new hire bonuses just a few years ago. GONE are those days! Have you seen this AZBON article regarding new grad hiring statistics? Check it out:

    Here is an interesting USA Today article posted in July- has info about new RN grads not getting jobs & it being a national problem

    I'm still holding out hope that this is just a cycle that is happening with the economy being so down. It's expensive to train new grads. I don't see what other option hospitals have..... however...... because current nurses are aging and retiring. According to the USA today article, "Large nursing shortages are still forecast as aging Baby Boomers need more care and millions of additional Americans get insurance in 2014 under the nation's new health law. A Vanderbilt University analysis last year — before the health law passed — predicted that the U.S. will be short 260,000 nurses by 2025"

    2025...... Only 15 years away. i'll hold my breath- NOT
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    I'm really curious where any new grads in the Phoenix area are finding jobs. I moved here to AZ after graduation in May and would love any suggestions on where to apply.
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    I wish I could help out with the whole 'does experience help' thing. But when I graduated I had no real experience- I kept applying but was always passed over during nursing school for other people. I'm one of those stories that makes people's jaws drop (not for good reasons).

    However after a little over a year I was able to find a job in an agency- which has been wonderful in helping me try to get the experience that I can get while keeping to their rules. As such I've gotten 6 months of experience of nursing homes.

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