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  1. amers_here

    mixing po meds

    I've seen meds mixed in a syringe like that, but that was during my preceptorship at a pediatric SNF and most of the kids had G tubes. For a kid who's really taking it by mouth, then separate syringes would be better because if halfway through the kid decides they're not going to take any more medicine, you know exactly which meds were not taken.
  2. amers_here

    Curious about the new grads not finding jobs?

    I'm a new grad who got pretty lucky and got hired right away. I graduated in December (2010) and just started last week at PCH. Granted, I volunteered there, so I kind of had an in. When I originally interviewed, they told me no because the hospital had decided not to include volunteers in the internal hiring, but they either opened more positions or changed their minds. So you CAN get hired right outta school, but it helps to network somehow. Volunteer places, work as a CNA/PCT if you can manage it, make a good impression during clinicals/preceptorship, and just ask around when you're in the hospital who might be a good person to talk to about nursing opportunities.