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    [FONT=Arial Narrow]I am in block 1 of the RN program at Carrington(Apollo). Has anyone graduated from the program recently? Was it hard to find a job after graduation? How was the program? What is the hardest semester? Did you like your clinical instructor? We are at the abrazo hospitals this semester.
    Just wanted to get some feedback from graduates.

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    Hey I have heard about Carrington how much is their program?
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    Which state are you in? AZ? Because the program here in NV is not going well.
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    703annC- What do you mean "not going well" ??!!?? Please please please explain! I am going to my interview today and I do not want to waste time on another POS tech school. I would appreciate a little more info. Like if it's just you having a hard time, if your in clinicals, if you just started and overwhelmed, if the teachers are bad, etc??? any info is helpfulThank you!!!
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    I too would be interested in any and all info
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    How are you doing in the Carrington program, crangel? Do you like it?
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    Beege, Carrington's program, pending you need to take all the pre-reqs is around $46,000, including all books and materials.
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    I would avoid carrington like the plague. Teaching is poor to horrible, structure and scheduling is awful (changes daily), clinical sites are not very good, and even the financial aid department screws you over.

    They're going after people now for more money who are close to graduating, stating that the earlier semesters cost more than originally thought. Trying to charge for extra books, not getting the NLN, and the list goes on. That place is a disgrace.
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    Does anyone have an update of their experience at Carrington?
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    Quote from FutureNurseLCW
    Does anyone have an update of their experience at Carrington?
    Yes I graduated in July and I loved it. I would recommend it to anyone, and in fact my best friend is now in semester 3, and we have another mutual friend who is starting in march.

    They are NLN accredited.. We got approved a few months ago. I don't know about the above posters clinical experiences but we had rotations at John C. Lincoln, Mt Vista, Arizona Heart, Arizona Regional, West Valley, Los Ninos, Kindred, Maryville, etc.. and all of my rotations were amazing. I spent my fifth semester and most of my preceptorship in the ICU.
    As far as the teachers go.. I ABSOLUTELY feel blessed to have had every single one of them. Most of my class still keep in touch with the teachers, including myself. And in terms of education, every single teacher is beyond knowledgeable. Their credentials will speak for themselves..
    My tuition never changed.. At one point I got charged extra for a few books and the registrar is actually the one who found it and made sure to let me know. She checked the books I signed for and then took the extras off.

    If you have any other questions you can PM me and I'll be more than happy to answer them.

    And no I don't work for Carrington.. I'm just extremely happy with the decision I made to obtain my nursing degree there. I started out doing my prereqs through the community college but was not about to get an associates degree and my RN over the span of seven years. To me that just seemed crazy. So I enrolled in Brookline and after seeing how disorganized everything was (this was during the changeover from iia to Brookline) I decided to check out Carrington. Best decision I ever made and the friends I graduated with have become my best friends.
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