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  1. Luvaddison

    Plasma Center Nurse

    I am a new grad LPN and have applied for about 30 positions. Only ones I have heard back from so far are an immunization clinic and plasma donation center. I have an interview on Tuesday at the plasma center and am curious as to what type of questions they may ask me... Also, if you are a plasma nurse, what do you like/not like about the environment? Thanks in advance!
  2. Luvaddison

    maricopa skills center advice?

    Im starting on the 25th! Is that same class as you? Orientation scared me a little but a year will hopefully go by quickly!
  3. Luvaddison

    Carrington College

    I too would be interested in any and all info
  4. Luvaddison

    CNA Program Prices

    I paid exactly $1000 for a 3 week full time program (books, uniforms, testing, bp cuff, gait belt and CPR cert) It was well worth it, I learned a lot! My school was at Country Club and Brown in Mesa. It was called RSAA Training Institute but now Its called AZ Medical Training Institute. Hope this helps :)
  5. Luvaddison

    Southwest Skills Center... Opinions???

    I work at a nursing home and one of the CNA's I worked with went to SWSC and just graduated and is already working as an LPN. She said she enjoyed the program, no complaints.
  6. Luvaddison

    Pima CC

    I had never heard of this CTD program...does anyone have more details? Cost? Length? Wait List? Info would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Luvaddison

    Fortis College

    I am set to start Fortis LPN program in March and would also like feedback from those of you who have already started. I've read a lot of negative reviews of Fortis other locations but not much on the AZ campus. I also want to go on to get my BSN and dont know if the credits from Fortis will transfer to other schools? Arg decisions!!
  8. Luvaddison

    Anyone have any experience with Pima Medical Institute??

    KirsteyK- Can you share more about the application and acceptance process for Pima? Also any pre-reqs that are required. I talked to a rep on the phone who said Math, psych, bio, english and AP are required but she wasnt sure what level. Any and all info is appreciated!