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I've seen this topic before but it's come up again at my clinic/urgent care, sorry in advance if you've heard this a million times. Do you call medical assistants nurses at your clinic? Would you care if a pt or the doc called... Read More

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    I've asked about name tags......they shot me down.

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    I believe that Loma Linda University was sued because some MA's and CNA's were referring to themselves as "nurses", which is an actual legal designation. There were actually signing patient records with "nurse" behind their name! So anyone who is not a "licensed nurse", (LVN, RN), who refers to themselves as such, is actually committing the crime of impersonation. The problem needs to be addressed at the top, i.e. the physicians. They should be told by management how to properly identify each employee. And I would verbally correct ANYONE who called themselves a nurse who was not. No matter if they take offense. I shed blood, sweat , and tears to earn the right to call myself a "nurse". No way would I let a non-licensed coworker do the same.
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    The title " nurse" is protected by law in several states and can legally be used only by those who officially hold the title. Check with your Board of Nursing.
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    Yes! I know all that to be true and I've said it PLENTY of times. As for management...... they're MAs that worked their way up to management. Like i said before I'm the only nurse there and trust me my doc's don't give a poo what i think or say and yes I reported it to the nursing board over a yr ago, nothing was done.
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    It's gonna take something drastic to happen for my clinic to change.......I'll be gone before that happens.
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    If that's the case then I would document, document, document. The best way that I have found is to send an email to yourself with all the pertinent info. That way it is dated and if you ever had to show it, for whatever reason, you could prove that you were concerned about it. Another point to consider, and this varies from state to state. In California, CNA's and MA's working beneath me are doing so under MY LICENSE! No way in hell am I going to let someone jeopardize my license because they want to feel more important. I am a 45 year old male. When I worked in Primary Care, many of the patients addressed my as "Doctor". I would IMMEDIATELY correct them. To do anything less would be dishonest and I could go to jail for impersonating a doctor. While you're situation is a little less dyer, it still warrants correction. If only to protect YOUR license.
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    The MAs at my office work under the doctors license NOT mine. I spoke with the nursing board about that to make sure, I did my part i reported it, its documented.
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    Patients and family members think pretty much everyone is a nurse or a doctor. I don't get too upset about it.
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    This is the one thing that gets my BP soaring. I'm sorry to have to say this but I think the problem started when we nurses stopped wearing all white uniforms, our nursing pins and our caps. We have left the door wide open for every charlatan, un- nursing licensed healthcare worker to be called 'nurse'. Healthcare workers who hold certificates(MA's, MST's. Patient care technicians, and nursing assistants, and busy body receptionists who step out of there job description) hold only that- a certificate. They need to get it through their heads a 'certificate' and a 'nursing license' are 2 very different things. They are light years apart. If the Fed ex guy decides to wear scrubs to their job one day, I guess they too will be called 'nurse'.

    First comes the dress like a nurse, then they start performing tasks that it requires, by law, an actual nursing license to do. I have, on occassion, corrected the patients infront of the person-(" so and so, is the MA, nurse's aid or the receptionist. I am the nurse) when I catch the patients calling these unlicensed personel"nurse" . I first wait to see if the worker is going to correct the patient first or let the charade continue. I could care less if these unlicensed assistive personnel think it is 'attitude'. It will be one hellva an 'attitude' if the practice gets sued because of there ego building. I can see it now, "Oh,' the nurse' said I could drive after my sedation". or "the nurse" never told me I could bleed" These MA and CNA's are taught how to take Blood Pressures. They are not taught how to interpret Blood Pressures. They are NOT taught "critical thinking"!!!So why they would even guess at this is beyond me.

    As for the stupid comment on the part of the unlicensed personnel about the nurse case manager and nurse manager not being nurses- I can't even go there with out the juglars popping.
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    Bravo for you in notifying the Board of Nursing. You did the right thing. It's only going to take one patient injury and major law suite due to these reckless, irresponsible unlicensed assistive personnel misrepresenting themselves as a licensed nurse.

    Respectfully speaking, Their misrepresentation of themselves is "FRAUD'- a felony offense. They could get jail time if convicted and if the injury is sever enough, FRAUD would be the lesser of the criminal offenses they could be charged with. A FRAUD conviction is not expungedable from their record and they will not get any other employment, anywhere,anytime. A criminal conviction of FRAUD is classified as "a crime of dishonesty" and that will exclude them from any type of employment. They will be supporting themself through self employment only- example: babysitting, mowing lawns or working for a dear friend or relative. Outside employment will be closed to them. It's not so much as working under someone's license. It's about the criminally misrepresenting themselves. It is a bonafided crime for them to misrepresent themselves. An offense they can be prosecuted for. If the BON has told you they are working under the doctors license then that doctor is pretty foolish for giving them that much unsupervised leeway. God only know what they are "doing in actions" under the docs license. As for the office manager being an MA- Oh boy!!

    These regulatory bodies will take a second look at their lax attitude if there is 1 major insident or injury because then the State is held liable- because they were notified( by the licensed nurse) and the state did not act to prevent injury/protect the public. That is why your documentation is important. It saves your butt from being the scapegoat. I know for a fact that such an insident will be investigated by the State's Office of the Attorney General: as I did an internship project with the Dept of Health during such an insident. An MA was doing cosmetic injections on the side which resulted in the injury of 7 patients. These insidents were not reported by the patients themselves but were reported by the hospital's Emergency Room nursing staff( obligation to report) where these patients sought care for their injuries. Some of these patients were injured badly enough they had to be admitted. The Office of Attorney General was notified to handle the case against the MA because an MA does not hold a "License" and therefore does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Nursing Board. Maybe this is where these MA's CNA and receptionists and finally wake up and find out they need a license to practice nursing- when the BON is not the one who brings the criminal charges against them. It's the attorney general's office bringing the charges against them.

    Hope this clarifies some- document, document, document!!!
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