Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest - page 3

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Participate in our February 2013 Caption Contest! Winner gets $100! Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish. Caption... Read More

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    Runner in aisle 2!
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    "I'm sorry but your parents requested the alternative immunization schedule..."
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    "Don't run Forest, Don't run!!!"
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    "Doc, I swear it's just your required flu shot - Promise!!!"
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    Sir, you cannot believe everything Jenny McCarthy tells you.
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    Talk about I won't have to go to the gym.
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    I think we've almost waited too late for the anti-growth hormone injections!
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    Your Mommy doesn't live here any more.
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    Do you do this at the tattoo parlor too?
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    What to do with a drunken sailor.....
    Hope it was worth the 50 bucks, man
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