Update: allnurses.com New Datacenter / Network / Infrastructure

  1. 5 The move was a success!

    allnurses.com is now powered with stronger servers, security, and scalability.

    We closed the site down Saturday, 22nd, 6am Eastern time to make the necessary changes. Because of work and planning done during the previous 5 days, the necessary changes/testing only took an hour to complete. It was a successful transition.

    But that is not the end of the move ... we are now waiting for propagation to take place globally as we changed domain name servers.

    Admittedly this is taking longer that we expected. We were hoping that 99% of our user base would have access by now but that is not the case. Many still don't have access.

    Changes to the domain name servers or changes to Advanced DNS records require an update to the information stored across the Internet.

    This update process is called propagation and occurs when domain name servers (DNS) on the Internet world-wide update their records (DNS tables) to reflect any updates to domain names and IP addresses. The propagation process must be completed for your changes to be recognized throughout the Internet.

    DNS propagation takes approximately 12-36 hours.
    Basically, what this means is that many ISPs will show you allnurses.com on the old servers / datacenter. When visiting the old location you will not be able to post, register, or take any action as these settings have been disabled. The site is only available for read-only access. To make things easier for everyone, we added a "read-only" message when visiting allnurses.com at the old location.

    When your ISP updates their DNS records it will start showing you allnurses.com from the new location. You will know this as fact, when you are able to post, edit, register, etc.

    For those who are still having issues we apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Note: allnurses.com and allnurses-breakroom.com are two separate sites. Propagation will be different for both sites.

    You may experience intermittent times when you are shown the old site and then the new. This is because your ISP has many different DNS caching locations.
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    I will post this on the old location.
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    Thank you.
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    I am always impressed at the work you are able to accomplish. Some days it atakes me that long to post one thing.

    Joe, we are very blessed to have you. Thank you.
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    Best wishes for a successful propagation, and I will happily refer people to this message if I find them wandering, lost and confused.

    Once again, thank you Joe!
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    Quote from nursel56
    Best wishes for a successful propagation....thank you Joe!
    ........I just couldn't help myself...... Great Job Joe!!!!!!!
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    I've only had full access to AN within the last 8 hours. Hopefully within the next few days everything will be sorted.
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    Quote from Esme12
    ........I just couldn't help myself...... Great Job Joe!!!!!!!

    Esme, those big ol' smileys(or smilies) are way funnier than my propagation (somewhat lame) joke. That first one had me giggling like a five-year old last night when I first saw it. LOL

    My pages seem to be loading much faster on allnurses than they were before. Has anyone else noticed that? It's doubtful my ISP made any upgrades to their service <grumble>.
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    I know 8th grade joke....I regress sometimes.

    I think it's faster as well.
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    Quote from nursel56
    My pages seem to be loading much faster on allnurses than they were before. Has anyone else noticed that? It's doubtful my ISP made any upgrades to their service <grumble>.
    Yes, you are right. It is faster.

    Along with the move, we increased processing power, memory, and security on all the servers ... we also updated the applications running on each servers to their latest optimized versions.

    Together, it increases page generation of allnurses.com across the globe.

    (I'm glad people are noticing it. I have.)
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