September 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100! - page 11

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  1. by   A&Ox6
    What's the rationale for this Dr? Did you not learn about EBP?
  2. by   natnat122
    "..And then he said, "you're JUST a nurse, I want the doctor!"
  3. by   natnat122
    ".. my patient told me my pink scrubs reminded him of Pepto Bismol..then let it loose alll over the place!"
  4. by   A&Ox6
    "I can pass the NCLEX, I will find a job, I will survive orientation"

    This hypnosis is garbage.
  5. by   natnat122
    I thought wearing bright colored scrubs would make things better!
  6. by   natnat122
    I got kicked out of nursing school so I dyed my hair blonde and reapplied hoping they wouldn't recognize me and it worked ... til the LAST semester!
  7. by   natnat122
    "I will learn to love suctioning... I will learn to love suctioning.. I wi-- am I hypnotized yet?"
  8. by   A&Ox6
    No, I really do need to be admitted. I know I'm safe, but how else can I justify a mental health day?
  9. by   A&Ox6
    Taking mental health day literally
  10. by   A&Ox6
    Then they said that all nurses have to wear pink. I wish I could wear white like when I was in school

    Said no nurse ever
  11. by   smooshcrickets
    so I said "No Sir, I'm just the student nurse." And he said "no, you are a NURSE." I thought about it... and one panic attack later I'm now talking to you
  12. by   FranEMTnurse
    Can I unload all my problems on you doc? I have so many, and the antidepressants, the antianxiotics, and all the other mind altering drugs no longer work.
  13. by   Joe V

    and the winner is Esme12 ... the cartoon may be viewed at Therapy for nurses ... Cartoon Contest Winner