FREE Halloween PDF/Ebook - Download Now!

  1. 11 Happy Halloween! We put together a collection of our BEST Halloween nursing cartoons for your enjoyment! This is a free download! You can download, print, and share with friends, family, co-workers, and even patients. It will put a smile on your face - GUARANTEED.

    Click Here To DOWNLOAD - Enjoy and have fun sharing!

    Spread some nursing humor at work. Everyone will thank you! The eBook is targeted for everyone!

    This is a 7mb pdf file - 19 pages

    Most computers have the ability to open and print PDF files already, but if you need software, you can download the free adobe PDF reader software here:

    Here is a funny little video you may enjoy:

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    Nice. I'll print it to show other nurses.
    Thank you!
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    That is awesome, thanks herring_RN! They will thank you for it I'm sure!

    You are very welcome!
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    That is wonderful thank you Brian
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    Love it, thank you!
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    Love these!!
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    Be sure to print to fit your pages. Otherwise only the center prints.
    I used 8 1/2 X 11' paper.

    Because it uses a lot of ink and I do want color I plan to take my copy to be printed so can put one in each of several breakrooms.
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    Awesome..I'm going to print some out and hang them around the office for Halloween..Thank You
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    Wow, the feedback has been great! A ton of you have downloaded the book! Please comment and tell us if you plan on printing it up and sharing it at work.

    Below are the download stats so far in just 24 hours! Almost 3000 downloads! I thought you all might find it interesting

    Thanks again to everyone who prints and shares these cartoons with other nurses!

    Click Here To DOWNLOAD - Enjoy and have fun sharing!
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    Thank you
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