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    Quote from lorren2002
    Maybe we should rethink that no smoking policy...
    AAAaaamen (when I was a smoker I would have said this lol)

    Quote from NurseKT19
    We removed the rest of the equipment in our employee gym because this is the only piece that is ever used.....

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    "All I said was that we didn't get to any of her patient's bowel programs today."
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    Quote from JustADream
    "All I said was that we didn't get to any of her patient's bowel programs today."
    hahaha! that's a good one! and definitely fits!
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    It was that management seminar where they taught her what to think.
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    Do you think it's nurse burnout?
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    "Well Mary, I think this puts [Resuscitate] on a whole new level."
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    "Well, she told me yesterday it was Dr. Smith, but today it is Dr. Jones and she has been hitting that bag for a couple hours!"
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    She's thinking of that nit-picking night nurse Helga.
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    She just learned that her assignment today consist of 3 pain seekers, 2 continuous bladder irrigation patients, and 1 total care who goes to the bathroom every 20 minutes.
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    well !! we thought this is for suicidal patient . never know nurses are that stressed too

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