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    She didn't want to bother at first, but when I told her Mr. Doe was
    stuffed in there she went at it.
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    The education department decided to incorporate a more "hands on" approach to our stress management activities.
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    All I asked was, "Can I borrow your pen."
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    "You ask her"
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    So this is what she does after a patient throws his bedpan at her...
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    "Um.. Now probably isn't the best time to ask for report."
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    Right patient, right time, right hook?
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    "... And here is the clinical portion of Dealing with Difficult Patients."
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    She joined the Stressbusters Club to help her deal with the daily shift life around here.
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    I sure do hope that's a punching bag and not a mattress folded in half. Is there someone in between there? Hey, has anyone seen....?
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    "Did you get the memo? All nurses have to drink a protein shake and punch the bag for 20 minutes instead of eating lunch. They think it will promote stress relief and better overall health so we don't lose it on the patients."

    "Yeah, I got it. But I keep wondering, where did they put the break room furniture?"
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    Nurse retention at it's finest.