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2016 Spring Article Contest Top 10 - You Pick 4 Winners

  1. 5 Four Writers Will Split A Total Cash Value of $600!

    We had some great articles submitted in April, May, and June. Thank you to everyone who submitted articles as well as those who read, liked and commented! We had several first-time writers. I hope you will continue to write articles and share your stories with us. There is always an article contest going on.

    It is always hard to select the top 10. That has been done and now it's your turn to help pick the Top 4 winners. The authors of the four articles with the most votes will each win $150!!!!

    Use the poll below to vote for your 4 favorite articles. You may select up to 4 articles. You must be a registered member to vote.

    The top articles in no particular order are:

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    The poll is now closed for voting. Scroll down to see the winners.
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  2. Poll: Please select 4

    • It's a Stressed Out Job

      32.76% 19
    • What I wish my nursing students knew…

      51.72% 30
    • Nightingale-Inspired Nurses' Week Celebration

      17.24% 10
    • What Nurses really Want to Say When They Chart

      62.07% 36
    • To the girl thinking of becoming a nurse (a note to myself at 17-- reflection

      36.21% 21
    • Orlando Tragedy - "Why does it bother you so much?"

      24.14% 14
    • I have no words. I have a thousand words.

      44.83% 26
    • How You Can Lose 50 Pounds In 90 Days

      20.69% 12
    • Why do nurses eat their own?

      22.41% 13
    • Honor in Indignity

      37.93% 22
    58 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    We need your vote.

    Please take time to read these great articles submitted by our readers and cast your vote for your 4 favorite articles.
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    I've already voted.
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    I have also
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    Me too.
    Good articles!
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    Voted today abasiofonRN
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    The poll is now closed for voting. Thanks to all who participated in submitting the articles and voting.

    Because there were so many great articles to choose from, it was a close race.

    And the winners are...


    And a big thank you to all who participated. Remember, the Summer Article Contest is going on now, so submit your article for a chance of winning $150. The contest ends September 30th.
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    Wow! Thank you so much!