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    Has anyone out there done the UAA nursing program with the Fairbanks extension? I have been looking into the program, and would love to hear any first hand stories about your experience. I've been thinking about nursing school, and currently reside in Fairbanks, but I'm not sure if distance learning is for me.

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    Not in in the program myself but have a couple friends in it and a co-worker that is an instructor. You mentioned distance class? It's really not, everything is done in Fairbanks but the administration. You do your clinicals at FMH. I've not heard anything bad about the program and they are increasing the frequancy of classes. It's pretty competetive and the more core classes you have done the better off you'll look for admission.
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    Hi- I'm interested in your question regarding nursing thru UAA Fairbanks extension. I'm in Dillingham, hoping to start nursing school as a second career sometime next year. We have a UAF ext in Dillingham - they told me I'd have to move to Anch for school. Have you found anyplace that does distance education for nursing? I've had NO luck. Thanks!
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    Sorry for reviving a really old thread but does anyone have a website for the program? Going into the Army's 91WM6 and trying to get stationed in AK, Thanks for the assist.
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    This is the website for the school of nursing at UAA. The program in Fairbanks is an extension of this program. If you contact the school of nursing at 1-907-786-4558 they should have contact phone numbers for you. Good luck!!

    General UAA website:
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    Quote from zfynxs
    Sorry for reviving a really old thread but does anyone have a website for the program? Going into the Army's 91WM6 and trying to get stationed in AK, Thanks for the assist.
    Hi zfynxs,

    How'd it go? I only recently found out what 91WM6's are and really wonder if there was an opportunity for you to go to Fairbanks versus working as a medic elsewhere.

    FT Wainwright is my first base preference too, I don't graduate until June 2007 but am applying as a 66H.

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    Did you talk to Shirley LaForge yet (she's the RN to BSN (paired with Russel Amerson) ) She will give you all the heads up when it comes to L.D Programs.
    I guess first off
    1) Are you going for your AAS or BS
    2) Have you taken Anat 111/112 Microbio240 /342 or the core classes that are worth 1 point (Comm131 / Eng 111 213 / couple more, forgot them though)
    3) Contact Gruening Building and set up a time to take the NET test (it isn't hard at all, it is just algebra / critical thinking / comprehensions / fraction conversion / simple stuff)
    4) Take as many courses as you can required for your AAS or BS, there is only 2 deadlines a year to be accepted and Deadline 2 of 2 just passed
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    I have just finished the UAA nursing program in Fairbanks. Distance learning has been a challenge for me in this program. It is indeed a distance program, although you get instructor-guided labs to learn and practice skills, and once-a-week "Video conferences" for each course you take in which the whole class gathers and interacts with the intructors in Anchorage/Kodiak via a web-cam type connection. These videoconferences are very beneficial.
    Standards are very high, and the grading scale is higher (75-82% is a "C", 83-91.5% is a "B", and 92.5% and above is an "A").
    We did our clinicals at FMH, TVC, Ralph Purdue Center, and a couple of other places, and I would rate the clinical experiences as very high quality.
    There is guidance, and EXCELLENT local instructors committed to student learning and success, but you have to dig deep and work hard to get the best possible education (due to distance learning/lack of lectures).
    My advice to you is to contact the Coordinator about the program, see if you can "sit-in" on a class, and also set up a job-shadow at FMH to observe what RN's do on an everyday basis. Do your homework about the changing schedules from semester-to-semester so you won't be suprised.Nursing fits me very well, and I was able to complete the program despite obstacles, but I must say that the Nursing Career is not for everyone, and the Distance Program may not be for everyone either.
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    I also apologize for reviving an ancient thread, but I am doing my pre-reqs now and am listed as a pre nursing major thru UAF and would love to hear success/horror stories. I am starting a little behind so it will take a little longer than normal for me to finish.
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    i will be graduating from this program soon.... as in life.... there is some good and some bad. u will get out of the program what u put in to it. it is a distance learning class. video conference for a few hours once a week, u must be highly motivated, organized and a great self motovator. it is highly competitive, get all ur pre req's done. go online to the uaa nusing website it will give u all the info u need. the grading scale has changed from an earlier post........ 94 -100- A, 84-93.9-B. 75-83.9 C. there r some awesome 1st year instructors!!! good luck

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